June 25, 1955

the land of eternal change 89

the land of eternal change

As two of Canada’s provinces celebrate their fiftieth year a Maclean’s editor and artist collaborate in an informal study of

How the Prairies were made 2627

How the Prairies were made

Here’s a story that began 2300 million years ago— the fascinating tale of a great geological squeeze that produced the wealth of the west

The Prairies’ Political Preachers 2425

The Prairies’ Political Preachers

ON PAPER they sound like identical twins. Both are Baptist ministers who went into politics as an extension of their church work. Both are gifted public speakers with large personal followings, and therefore both are regarded as indispensable props of the parties and governments they lead.

. . . or without the Stampede? 3031

. . . or without the Stampede?

This year the sober citizens of Calgary will whoop it up again as they revive an era that never really existed. Robert Collins takes you step by step through the year-long buildup
The Golden Jubilee Citizen 3233

The Golden Jubilee Citizen

Over at the Crocus school, Miss Henchbaw set the class to writing a Fiftieth Anniversary essay. The Kid decided that it was time the whole prairies met
What would the West be like without the Gopher? 3031

What would the West be like without the Gopher?

Sure, he eats a fortune in wheat Sure, he makes a coal mine of the garden Sure, he’s dumb as . . . well, even dumber BUT, asks Robert Collins, Maclean’s prairies editor
Footloose in the Far West 45

Footloose in the Far West

WHEN THE editor of Maclean’s asked me, as your London correspondent, to write a special feature on the Canadian north for the special issue of last November I felt that, as was the case with the Light Brigade, someone had blundered but it was not for me to reason why.
BACKSTAGE In The West 67


Where Politics are stranger than Fiction


THIS special issue celebrating the fiftieth birthday of Canada’s two youngest western provinces was just going to press when we ran across one we’d never heard of before, as recorded in the Ottawa Journal’s story about a recent capital conference attended by delegates from all provinces “except Newfoundland and Prince Albert.”
The Settling of the the west 1617

The Settling of the the west

A few leaves from the anniversary album of a strangely turbulent and strangely tender love affair — the union of a very young people with a very ancient land
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