January 7, 1956

How Valdmanis took Newfoundland to the cleaners 45

How Valdmanis took Newfoundland to the cleaners

When Premier Smallwood learned his trusted financial wizard had use his job to extort a fortune, he was aghast. How had he done it? Where was the money? Here, for the first time, are the facts



“Imagine what would huppen in any other English-speaking province if it learned that it must soon face a French-speaking majority. This transformation is under way in New Brunswick without a ripple."

What’s wrong with subsidies for the arts? 67

What’s wrong with subsidies for the arts?

How can we expect to develop first-rate writers, musicians and painters, asks this well-known Canadian musician, when Ottawa — ready with subsidies for everything from football and love-making to comic books — does so little to help the arts and those who struggle to create them?

They’re selling packaged weather 89

They’re selling packaged weather

Two Montreal scientists pinpoint heat waves for soda-pop salesmen, blizzards for overshoe makers and sunshine for weddings — three months ahead. They even summon cloudbursts to quench forest fires
They’re freezing people to life 1213

They’re freezing people to life

By imitating hibernation doctors are performing “impossible” operations and saving accident victims, feeble babies and dying old folk. What makes all this possible is the newest miracle medicine: cold
Nobody can curl like the Campbells 1415

Nobody can curl like the Campbells

Sandy Campbell thought it was a darn-fool game until he played it. His five boys took it up too. Then this curling-crazy family from tiny Avonlea, Sask went out and licked the best in Canada.
What do civil rights mean in Quebec? 3

What do civil rights mean in Quebec?

SOME judges of the Supreme Court of Canada are mildly annoyed at the report—technically correct but they think misleading that they “refused” to rule on the validity of a Quebec law in a recent case involving Jehovah’s Wituesses. They say the law in question didn't apply to the case, and the reme Court never rules on aband academic questions.
Movies of 1955 1819

Movies of 1955

HOLLYWOOD IS STILL spending far too much time and money tinkering with big-screen gadgetry as it enters 1956. No end is yet in sight for the technological upheaval that began in 1952 with 3-D and gained impetus with CinemaScope in 1953. Like book publishers worrying more about type sizes and dust jackets than about the words printed between the covers, some of the studio chiefs still appear to be under the impression that a story not worth filming at all by oldfashioned methods will somehow glow with magic on a wide wrap-around screen.
London letter 3839

London letter

modern times, to the year 1953. The BBC had been given a monopoly for television programs just as they had for radio. And, although lacking the stimulus of competition, the programs were pretty good. Radio continued to exist, but obviously it would operate on a declining scale.
Why I hate my kid's teacher 1617

Why I hate my kid's teacher

To the youngsters teacher’s a riot, but to Bob he’s out to drive parents nuts, with messy class projects that shatter a kid’s faith in the finer things — like playing hooky
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