August 30, 1958

Why do we hate the police? 89

Why do we hate the police?

These or other abuses in the cold war between police and citizens are reported every day. Here are the reasons and some solutions that might work
Parade 4849


Alimentary, my dear Watson


Holiday weekend in Montreal 1213

Holiday weekend in Montreal

Here is an open introduction to the fascinations of the continent’s most flavorful city, revisited by a famous novelist who once lived, worked and played there
What is it about budgies? 1819

What is it about budgies?

They’re baleful-eyed escape artists. But already infatuated faneiers have installed a million of these pocket-sized parrots in split-level cages across the land, and they may soon make the doir man’s second-best friend
Now even the canoe is going modern 1617

Now even the canoe is going modern

Canoe-happy kids al camp still use the centuries-old Indian model that made Canada famous but elsewhere the canoe is joining the jet age with glass and aluminum bodies, collapsible frames and mounts for motors. They even piggyback on planes
Maclean’s Movies 2425
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

BEST BET INDISCREET: Those veteran smoothies, Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant, are both at the top of their form in this sophisticated romantic comedy. London is the locale, and the lovers are an unmarried glamour-girl of the theatre and a NATO monetary expert who offers her every devotion short of the altar.
The double life of football's fiercest coach 2021

The double life of football's fiercest coach

When JIM TRIMBLE Isn’t bossing his Grey Cup champions by brute force, his best fans wouldn’t know him. Singing tenor in a church choir is only one of the sinister pastimes of the man who calls himself the best coach in football
Cover story: why one issue has two 4647

Cover story: why one issue has two

If you live in British Columbia you can expect to get a different cover on this copy of Maclean's from that received by readers in the rest of Canada. Most of the country will see Duncan Macpherson's painting of a baseball scoreboard (above) but British Columbians will see the more poster-like cover reproduced to its right.
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