June 15, 1963

I lived a nightmare as a convicts' go-between 2021

I lived a nightmare as a convicts' go-between

AT 9.30 ON THE NIGHT of April 19, guard Patrick Dennis called “time” to the eighty convicts using the auditorium-gymnasium of the federal penitentiary at New Westminster, B.C., and motioned them up the hundredfoot tunnel to the domed main building of the prison.
Portrait of a new regime taking power 1617

Portrait of a new regime taking power

This is how Lester Pearson used the traditional Canadian yardsticks of ability, loyalty and home address to make a new cabinet —and how the new ministers used their first days of power to subtly change the spirit of Ottawa TO MOST PEOPLE in this country the big difference between the life they lead now in the lush month of June and the life they led a few weeks ago in the stormy month of March is that the weather’s considerably warmer.


THIS SERIES on human emotions has required almost four years of research, most of it concentrated in the experiments. declarations and speculations published in the past century. No one can weave through such a thickness of conflicting theories without finding a scarlet thread that so matches his own personality and individual experience that it belongs to the finder.
The RE-MAKING Of Britain 2425

The RE-MAKING Of Britain

BRITAIN TODAY is on the brink of a social revolution that was planned twenty years ago but didn't quite come off. It was an intended part of the revolution that did succeed — the pension plans, health services and other social insurance that make the British welfare state.
OJC: The powerful secret society that pervades French Canada 1819

OJC: The powerful secret society that pervades French Canada

PERHAPS THE MOST POWER1 UL SCCTCt society in Canada today is a French-Canadian organization called 1‘Ordre de Jacques-Cartier. The OJC, or la patente, as it is known in colloquial French, was founded in 1926 as French Canada's answer to Freemasonry.


THE MOST EXCITING LITERARY EVENTS of the last year have all taken place in the Soviet Union. Reading about them in the Western press, as they have unfolded week after week, has been an absorbing, sometimes terrifying, but ultimately hopeful experience.
The Big Lie About Medical Insurance 6465
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The Big Lie About Medical Insurance

HOW SOON, I wonder, will the general public understand that it is being duped and deceived by the medical profession, the insurance companies and the politicians on the subject of health insurance? How soon will they cotton on to the Big Lie, told over and over again — that the vast majority of Canadians are now adequately protected against sickness and accident by the existing private health plans?


WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS is more university teachers, and fast. Canada now has 11.500 of them. In the next eight years, if the country’s ambitions for its young people are not to be frustrated, we will need to bring that figure up to around 25,000.
The growing scandal of Montreal’s fair 0_21

The growing scandal of Montreal’s fair

IN RECENT MONTHS the city of Montreal has given the world a lesson in exactly how not to prepare for a world fair. The fair that Montreal will stage in 1967 is heroic in conception. The theme is Terre des Hommes — Man and his World. But up to now the world inhabited by the fair has been far removed from the global family of nations.
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