June 1, 1973

The Pacific Persuasion


A socialist in the land of plenty

The Pacific Persuasion 2627

The Pacific Persuasion

On the western frontier, a Latin Canada
Coastscape 3435


People and the land in a state of grace
A socialist in the land of plenty 3233

A socialist in the land of plenty

Dave Barrett’s rise from son of a fruit peddler to top banana
Protest in paradise 3839

Protest in paradise

In a province of individuals Vancouver’s Ben Metcalfe is a little more individual than most


Surely there must be a God who creates a masterpiece like John Parkins — Last Collage (April) — sends his creation to the world and then calls it back when he desires to glory in his works. John Parkins is an artist! He has composed a picture of life which makes me realize, for this instant anyway, that life begins when death is at hand.


Some lives are detachable. Some people have nothing to do with the place they live in. They could exist, and be true to themselves, in Vancouver or Halifax or Detroit or Ecuador. Not so J. V. Clyne. Not so the rest of the people on these six pages.
The art of the webfoot 4647

The art of the webfoot

Baseball, poetry and other cultures
Settling into Invermere, BC 8081

Settling into Invermere, BC

A country big enough for a lifetime of changes
The Great Columbia Giveaway 1213

The Great Columbia Giveaway

As you drive along the Kootenay lakeshore in northern British Columbia, you see summer cottages nestling into a sandy bay, small boats trolling for Kokanee salmon, postcard farms tilted toward the water. As the road climbs there are breathtaking vistas of the lake far below.
The Branch Plant That Took Root 1415

The Branch Plant That Took Root

Quadra Manufacturing is building chain saws at the rate of 25,000 a year at its fledgling Trail, BC, plant and has finally climbed out of the red. It wouldn’t have meant much, except for the irony that British Columbia, where an entire provincial economy depends on the forest industries, was having difficulty producing its own chain saws.
Making It Big By Being Truly Awful 9091

Making It Big By Being Truly Awful

It used to be said that when Canadian films are good enough the people would turn out to see them. Which wasn’t an accurate description of the problem. It’s making films bad enough that people will want to see them that is tricky. Films that are bad in a fashionably contagious way.
Last tango in Prince George 3839

Last tango in Prince George

Ethics drawn from the landscape; the emotional geography of British Columbia
Getting Away From Us All 9697

Getting Away From Us All

Every fall the western flight of snow geese comes winging down the coasts British Columbia and settles in the marshes of the Fraser River Delta near the George C. Reifel Waterfowl Refuge; in spring the great flock takes for the Arctic, but every year a few more stay behind to nest in the enclave of predictable weather, free corn and immunity from hunters.
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