July 1, 1973

The ordeal of Marten Hartwell 1617

The ordeal of Marten Hartwell

The alchemy of sailing 2223

The alchemy of sailing

The magic of running away to sea


I have just finished reading the May issue of your great magazine. My congratulations to those who took part in The Native Condition: A Canadian Tragedy. When I first subscribed to Maclean’s, I thought I was subscribing to another ordinary magazine, but it isn’t so.
China unglazed 3637

China unglazed

Shanghai To Peking: A Canadian scientist’s notes from a journey through the Middle Kingdom
Lead us not into temptation 2829

Lead us not into temptation

Solving the problem of always being 7½ pounds overweight
Blessed Island 5253

Blessed Island

Clams, sand, old silver and the sea wind
Trial By Marriage 6869

Trial By Marriage

My father moved out when I was three, which in 1973 is psychoanalytical soulsearching. In 1953, it was scandalous, crushing, a social stigma. The bitterness between my parents continues to this day; the divorce action itself, after all those long years, still festers and hurts.
My war with the government 2627

My war with the government

The confessions of the Auditor General of Canada
You Can Tell A Bad Show By Its Teeth 6869

You Can Tell A Bad Show By Its Teeth

Nobody talks much about bad taste anymore. I admit I rather miss it. There used to be a few Members of Parliament who could be relied on at least once a year for a good rant about skin and smut on the CBC. Their presence was reassuring, evidence of moral bedrock.
Life And Death And The 1OO-Hour Week 89

Life And Death And The 1OO-Hour Week

A little girl stops playing with her doll and looks up at her mother. “Mummy,” she asks, “is Daddy a burglar?” “No,” her mother laughs, “he’s a doctor.” A young woman is sitting in a hospital lounge. Across from her is the family of a dying patient.
The ecstasy of long drives 3435

The ecstasy of long drives

And the agony of a persistent hook. The highs and lows of Jocelyne Bourassa, hot golfer
Derek’s A Fourth-String Millionaire 1011

Derek’s A Fourth-String Millionaire

Nobody in Philadelphia will push a sick Horatio Alger story starring Derek Sanderson. In the Age of Hype, you see, everything is inflated, including inflation. And the Age of Hype produced the greatest Alger gag yet. I’ll detail the scenario: the World Hockey Association has to be launched with a splashy magnum.
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