August 1, 1973

Everything's coming up Moses 2627

Everything's coming up Moses

How to succeed in the television business with Moses Znaimer really trying

The sweet smell of Norman LeBlanc 2829

The sweet smell of Norman LeBlanc

How the IOS scandal moved to Montreal, shifted to the Bahamas and Costa Rica and ended up in Washington with Watergate
Our Washington game plan 2223

Our Washington game plan

Are Canada's diplomats in Washington the sort of men who make America great?
The emergence of Claude Jutra 4243

The emergence of Claude Jutra

At the Cannes Film Festival this spring, it was a Canadian film — Claude Jutra’s Kamouraska — that received what is probably the most distinguished honor. For the first time in 14 years, the Association Française de la Critique de Cinema, a group consisting of France’s most distinguished film critics, chose to sponsor the special showing of a film.


Canada’s swimming and diving team in search of Olympic gold
How they get it all together 3435

How they get it all together

Some people unfailingly inspire the awestruck question “How do they do so much?” We’ve asked six such super-achievers to give us their answers, on the theory that with a little borrowed moxie we too might realize the hum of a well-run life. It turns out that although getting to the top takes an amalgam of qualities — ambition, energy, talent and luck — staying there takes mostly organization.
ROOTS 3233


The Canadian may feel frightened, face to face with wild nature. But he may also feel free
The Sea Has Wings 3839

The Sea Has Wings

Seabirds are the most purely dramatic of all winged creatures. The others live in the shelter of their land but the seabird lives in the hands of the wind, in the grip of the full force of wind and sea combined. In solitude I can imagine them, flung across a revolutionary constellation of wind and rain and ice, of giant waves and clashing currents.
At home in Portugal 5859

At home in Portugal

I used to think — and was kind of taken with myself over the thought — that most tourists, those of the lumpen bourgeoisie anyway, traveled in order to get back home. Now, having spent some time abroad with them, I know that to be wrong: the truth is they never leave, whether they go somewhere or not.
Maggie is a thing apart 1011

Maggie is a thing apart

Again and again Margaret Atwood told us that we didn’t have to take the bad with the good. “The accuracies and fine points in this book,” she said in her prefatory note to Survival, “were for the most part contributed by others: the sloppy generalizations are my own.”
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