October 18, 1976

The riddle of Nelson Small Legs 2627

The riddle of Nelson Small Legs

Why should the FBI or the CIA infiltrate the Canadian Indian movement? Perhaps because the United States wants to see the Mackenzie Valley pipeline built
Poor little rich kid 40b40c

Poor little rich kid

Thanks to oil, Saudi Arabia has more money than it knows what to do with, which is a mixed blessing
A histry of Charlie 4243

A histry of Charlie

Don Harron was a consummate actor, but Charlie Farquharson, now he’s yer star
Interview 45


With President Julius Nyerere
Mission impossible 40n40o

Mission impossible

How one little hospital in the jungles of Peru defeated even the legendary Dr. McClure
What price controls? 6061

What price controls?

The bleak headquarters of the Anti-Inflation Board in Ottawa is like the inside of an ant heap. As soon as you emerge from the elevator into the crowded reception area, you are intercepted by a soldier ant who dodges through the swarming worker ants, antennae waving menacingly.
Letters 1212a


There’s a story about a group of blind men trying to describe an elephant. Each blind man comes up with a spectacularly different description, depending on whether he has felt the elephant’s tusk, tail, ear or privates. I fear Allan Fotheringham’s description of Winnipeg in If A Town Could Be Likened To A Punch In The Mouth, Winnipeg Would Be It (September 20) is somewhat akin to the latter.
The Plains of Abraham, Part Two 1819

The Plains of Abraham, Part Two

Reflecting on the 1942 conscription crisis that almost tore Canada apart, the late André Laurendeau observed that “it is only when two nations”—meaning Quebec and English-speaking Canada—“confront each other with intense feeling that one can measure to what degree they really exist.”
The sun may have set on Britain, but remember: the sun also rises 5657
The World

The sun may have set on Britain, but remember: the sun also rises

At the end of George Bernard Shaw’s play, Heartbreak House, the prophetic Captain Shotover is asked his opinion of what will happen to “this ship . . . we call England.” Says Shotover sternly: “The captain is in his bunk drinking bottled ditchwater and the crew is gambling in the forecastle.
Riot in Cell Block Canada 2223

Riot in Cell Block Canada

The message, crudely printed on an old bedsheet hanging on the door to a destroyed cell block in the BC Penitentiary, caught the essence of the matter: “Under new management,” it boasted. After almost a week of insurrection with rioting inmates smashing an entire wing of the century-old fortress in New Westminster, and an armed group of them holding a young guard hostage for more than 80 hours, the prisoners, it seemed, were in control.
Hai sticking 6667

Hai sticking

The year has not been kind to professional hockey. Television ratings sagged alarmingly. Franchises continued to fold. And half a dozen players faced criminal charges in the courts—the result of a crackdown on wanton violence in the sport.
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