July 11, 1977


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Unseen forces

With author Brian Moore 45

With author Brian Moore

Brian Moore’s latest novel, The Doctor’s Wife, has become an international best seller and Moore’s first great commercial success; paperback and movie rights amount to nearly $450,000. A long way from Moore’s penurious days as a proofreader at the Montreal Gazette.
Dissatisfaction guaranteed 4041

Dissatisfaction guaranteed

What's wrona with the post office? What isn't?
Unseen forces 32b32c
Closeup/Show Business

Unseen forces

Introducing the boys in Toller Cranston’s back room
A former light restored 5657

A former light restored

A prolonged ovation for Stratford, Phillips et al
L’homme funny 3435
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L’homme funny

For future reference, it’s 'ee-von day-shom'
The cottage country 2223
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The cottage country

Dun Roannin, Canada? Dew Drop Inn and Bide-A-Wee
The Parliament Hill Mob 1415

The Parliament Hill Mob

In 1880, Constable Holmes of the NorthWest Mounted Police traveled the northern tundra throughout a fierce winter, sleeping in snowdrifts, to vaccinate the natives against a smallpox epidemic. In 1908 Inspector E. A. Pelletier and his squad survived a shipwreck and ate raw deer meat during a nine-month, 3,347-mile trek across the North to establish Canadian sovereignty.
Sellout Inc. 1819
Closeup/The Economy

Sellout Inc.

FIRA: Watchdog? Or lapdog?
Whatever happened to Margaret’s side of the story? 1011

Whatever happened to Margaret’s side of the story?

The quality of mercy is surely strained when the editors of Maclean's indulge in such vindictive journalism as the cover story on June 13, It Happens In The Best Of Families. David Cobb implies that everyone else’s view is romantic, inaccurate or both while his is the authorized version of the way it was.
The shopkeepers’ shopkeeper 5051

The shopkeepers’ shopkeeper

John Bulloch sweeps his visitor through the Don Mills, Ontario, headquarters of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business with the force of a tornado, so that passing staff members at whom he hurls exuberant greetings are left answering the empty, swirling air.
Will Rogers said income tax turned more people into liars than golf. It’s debatable 52b53

Will Rogers said income tax turned more people into liars than golf. It’s debatable

Another Canadian Open Golf Championship is upon us, but if we pretend not to notice it maybe it will go away. I plan to miss this one (in Oakville, Ontario, July 18-24), but I can vividly remember covering several opens. I trudged over hill and dale for endless hours at a stretch—wedged in among the cursing, sweating hordes— afraid even to cough or expel gas, for fear of being shot on the spot by some indignant marshal wearing a pith helmet.
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