June 12, 1978

Closeup/International Affairs

Mexican time bomb


Quebec's white gold

Interview 45


When Claude Ryan announced in early January that he would seek the leadership of the Quebec Liberal party, he was not so much entering public life as leaving one public position and running for another. As publisher of the influential daily Le Devoir, he had been an important political voice in Quebec for 14 years.
Mexican time bomb 2425
Closeup/International Affairs

Mexican time bomb

Oil could be the salvation of mañana country
Quebec's white gold 4849

Quebec's white gold

To the PQ, asbestos is more than a business
The reluctant star 4041
Closeup/Show Business

The reluctant star

Valri Bromfield insists on doing it her way
Alone in the crowd 5859

Alone in the crowd

The cracks are showing in the singles dream
Disquiet on the set 38b38c

Disquiet on the set

Riel never was an easy character to handle
What GATT does over there, may hurt over here 2021

What GATT does over there, may hurt over here

To some, GATT is the kind of household name that wouldn’t be a name even in its own house. But the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade is the rule book for international commerce, and the horse-trading and number-crunching that has been under way for five years may hit Canadian workers hard.
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In the article, God Bless America (May 15), Maclean’s comments on my April visit to Washington: “His request—made through the Canadian embassy—for a high-level welcome was refused, but the state department offered to let him see Canadian Desk director John Rouse . . .
Guy Lafleur? Barth Gimble? What ministry do they work in? 7677

Guy Lafleur? Barth Gimble? What ministry do they work in?

If you want to know why this country is in trouble you must know that one night recently, over a quantity of gin, I was sitting around a kitchen table with a senior minister in the Liberal cabinet—this happened to be in the midst of the Stanley Cup annual fisticuffs—who professed not to know who Guy Lafleur is.
Dilemma of the empty desks 6667

Dilemma of the empty desks

There’s a wistfully nostalgic tinge to the remarks that almost cost the head of Ontario’s Commission on Declining Enrolments his job last month. Sixty-eight-year-old educational statistician Robert Jackson has had a hand in all but one of the major Ontario government reports on education over the past 30 years.
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