July 16, 1979

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North America is hell-bent for horror. The hottest ticket in every town is terror. In a society splintered by cults and stunned by crises, remembering Jonestown and awaiting Skylab’s shower of metal, the cult of horror has metamorphosed into the biggest cult of all.
A place to rest 45

A place to rest

It was Dan and Judy Blasutti’s first trip to the mountain parks and the Torontonians wanted a memento of the quiet they had discovered, the good fishing and the scenery. Dan knew he had found it when his eyes fell on a magnificent ten-gallon hat in the village of Banff in Alberta’s Banff National Park.


An exclusive interview with Joe Clark
Rude awakenings from lifelong dreams 3435

Rude awakenings from lifelong dreams

In spring the fancy of most young men may to turn to love, but by June an estimated 30,000 young North American men’s love turns to professional football. This year the nine Canadian Football League teams had a total of 679 players scratching and fighting for 297 jobs.
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with all the chutzpah of a ham sandwich, navel goddess Cher keeps coming up with something slightly new. This year she legally dropped the last names of former husbands Sonny Bono and Gregg Allman so that she could guarantee four-letter billing.
Libya: behind the ‘madman’s’ labels 2627

Libya: behind the ‘madman’s’ labels

The centrepiece of the Museum of Natural History in Tripoli is a room filled with freaks of nature. A two-headed calf looks forlornly left and right out of its dusty glass case. Two lambs joined at the hip, one white, the other black, are a tangle of legs in their case.
A smart, tough survivor comes in from the cold 4243

A smart, tough survivor comes in from the cold

Today, Dr. Reinheid Kaletsch is back in his office at Gruenberger Strasse 64 in Giessen, West Germany, resolutely fulfilling a promise he made to himself while lying semiconscious with a broken back on Southern Indian Lake, 460 miles north of Winnipeg, back in April this year.
The secret courting life 3637

The secret courting life

The two competitors faced each other across the reproduction partner’s desk with its drawers symbolically on both sides, the kneehole clear through. Behind the desk, Germain Perreault, 63, the chairman, chief executive officer and president of Bank Canadian National and former page boy at the Montreal Stock Exchange.
Gloom at the top 3233

Gloom at the top

president Jimmy Carter, his administration at a crisis point over growing problems with energy and the economy, went into seclusion at Camp David last week for a “domestic summif"in a desperate effort to find solutions and solace. Carter is in deep trouble. He seems to be foundering when the United States is in urgent need of inspired leadership. According to the polls, the nation generally perceives him to be a failure.
Like someone who kicks dogs, can anyone who abhors lawyers really be all bad? 5657

Like someone who kicks dogs, can anyone who abhors lawyers really be all bad?

The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers. — Henry VI, Part II, Act 4 If any proof were needed that Shakespeare wrote for the common man, to universal themes that withstand the test of centuries, there we are. The man was right there grubbing around with the rest of us, attuned to our very vibrations.
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