January 21, 1980


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The battle of the north shore


Manners going up in smoke



It’s a frigid, moon-washed night at Vainikkala, in the southern toe of the Finnish Republic. We are sipping delicious bean soup at the railway station bar, about to cross the border into the U.S.S.R. on the Helsinki-Moscow Express. A lone Finnish customs official has stamped our passports, appearing about as interested in the process as those weary guardians of Canadian sovereignty on the bridges that arch across the Niagara gorge into the United States.
The battle of the north shore 89
This Canada

The battle of the north shore

The freshly paved road leaves the Cabot Trail at right angles and then winds past the newly built coop freezer facility, past the bungalow where the buyer from National Sea Products Ltd. spends the eight weeks of lobster season, past the crowded metal roofs of the fishermen’s sheds, before widening to meet the broad tarmac of the government wharf.
Manners going up in smoke 4041

Manners going up in smoke

Newfoundlander Andy Joy, 54, a minor hockey league team manager, boarded a St. John’s-bound plane with a cigarette on his lips—and landed in the middle of a national controversy. “This is a nonsmoking area,” the chap in the next seat asserted nastily.
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Farrah Fawcett did it (sort of), Suzanne Somers did it (maybe) and now it’s TV sitcom blonde Loni Anderson’s turn to try feature roles. For the past year and a half, Anderson’s honey blonde mane and co-ordinated shimmy have made WKRP in Cincinnati a lingering experience for many viewers.
Vancouver Centre: the peris of Art, Pat and Ron 2425

Vancouver Centre: the peris of Art, Pat and Ron

As Central Canadians slopped through sheets of freakish January rain last week, a normally balmy West Coast, in an odd reversal, was visited with the indignities of winter campaigning. Daffodils pushing through the earth in B.C.’s bellwether riding of Vancouver Centre were blanketed in several inches of unseasonal snow.
The ‘dead souls’ of Moscow 45

The ‘dead souls’ of Moscow

Involuntary exiles in their own land, good Russians and good Jews, wishing they could remain both, Moscow’s 1,000 Refuseniks are victims of a system that has deprived them of the choice. These Soviet Jews have been refused exit visas to Israel and now must bear the stigma and torment of living in limbo, waiting out their turn in a purgatory where mere survival becomes no mean victory.
The cost of bearing witness 4445

The cost of bearing witness

Athol Fugard was looking every one of his 47 years. This Evening With Athol Fugard at Montreal’s Concordia University was making him extremely uncomfortable. This crowd wanted answers. This crowd wanted insight. This crowd was silently asking the big question: “What’s it really like in South Africa?”
A chill wind blows no trust 2223

A chill wind blows no trust

So far in this winter election campaign the weather—in most parts of the country, at least—has not been as bad as expected. But there is something in the air that is chilling political candidates and their workers to the bone: it is the cold dislike and deepening cynicism of ordinary Canadians toward politicians and all their works.
Just fuelling around 3435

Just fuelling around

Buried like stinkweed in the depths of each party’s campaign posy is the issue most central to Canada’s forthcoming federal election: energy prices. You don’t hear Joe Clark singing the merits of his 18-cent hike in the gasoline excise tax, although his government fell because of it.
The flip, the flop and the foolish 23

The flip, the flop and the foolish

The Montreal playwright and wit about town, Jacques Languirand, once coined an apt political definition of the boomerang: “an election promise not kept.” As our leaders hop from their campaign jets these days, they are flipping over at the sound of voices from the past—their own—which often bear little resemblance to the words of the present.
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