January 28, 1980

Where have all the leaders gone? 1617

Where have all the leaders gone?

They are, like their memory, faded, but the Conservative election posters of 1958 have deservedly become collector’s items, for we shall not see their likes again. Footprints, two simple words, FOLLOW JOHN—the ultimate précis of Diefenbaker’s most glorious victory.
The ugly mood of Moscow’s troops 2626a

The ugly mood of Moscow’s troops

The mood of the Soviet troops in Afghanistan is swiftly turning ugly. Two weeks ago, they greeted Western journalists cheerfully and showed them T-62 tanks which had been paradropped during the year-end invasion, when Moscow installed its own nominee, Babrak Karmal, as president.
The falling Leaves 3435

The falling Leaves

The Ice Follies moved into Maple Leaf Gardens last week and the on-and-off-the-ice follies of the Toronto Maple Leafs mercifully had to hit the road. Synonymous with Hockey Night in Canada and source of legends and heroes since the first days when Conn Smythe parlayed bets to buy the franchise in 1927, the team had become, in the parlance of players and opponents, a “zoo” a month short of the halfway mark of the season.
Halifax: street-fighters around the pork barrel 2021

Halifax: street-fighters around the pork barrel

The wayward reporter, far from the tall tales and mollycoddling of leaders' fuselages, could do worse in Campaign Over than a stop down by the sea in Halifax. It was only eight months ago that the ambivalence of urban Canada was recorded there in a skimpy 15-vote victory for Conservative George (Landslide) Cooper.
A novel way of doing things 4041

A novel way of doing things

"Do I look paranoid?" asks Ian Adams, uncurling gently from one of two chairs in his office near Toronto’s newly refurbished Rochdale College, and the answer is obviously no. Having relinquished a reputation as one of Canada’s most accomplished journalists some six years ago— his books include The Poverty Wall and The Trudeau Papers—the calm, mustachioed 42-year-old now writes novels about spies and conspiracies.
The invisible people 4243

The invisible people

Canadian visitors to the sparkling cities of Latin America cluck sympathetically as they look up at the tin and cardboard shacks which cling to the surrounding hillsides like dirt ringing a white collar. They often don’t realize that such favelas for the urban poor are also booming in the shadow of the glittering skyscrapers of major cities across Canada—particularly Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.
The uses and abuses of enchantment 4445

The uses and abuses of enchantment

Once upon a time, fairy tales, folk tales and fantasies meant some thing. Children found them dark, powerful and scary, while adults listened enchanted. In the past three years, however, with the publication of Gnomes, a new form of fantasy has taken over, one without terror, insight or story, and one that exploits the old tales in the same way 100 Great Melodies of the Masters exploits genuine music.
The acquired taste of island life 67
This Canada

The acquired taste of island life

Inching their queued-up cars along the village street in the predawn December darkness, the drivers huddled over their steering wheels have a single goal in mind: getting aboard the ferry docked a few hundred feet away. But when, presently, the vessel reaches capacity, at least a dozen vehicles are still ashore.
People 3233


When First World War flying ace Billy Bishop died in 1956, one of the most glowing epitaphs to reach print was written by Montreal Gazette publisher John Bassett. “He had that courage which Napoleon once said was the rarest—the courage of the early morning,” wrote Bassett.
The 51-per-cent minority 45

The 51-per-cent minority

In the upcoming election we are bound to be hammered until we are numb with talk of energy and oil, mortgage deductibility and balanced budgets. But there are some other, far more startling issues that no one will talk about at all. No one is going to say to all new Canadians:“Look, we’re going through some tough times.
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