February 11, 1980



Before Ambassador Kenneth Taylor destroyed his embassy’s top-secret coding and communications equipment, he sent one final cable back to Ottawa: “This is the last message from festung Iran.” Festung is German for fortress, more specifically the final fortress into which Hitler dreamed of making Germany to save it from defeat.
The true north semi-free T641

The true north semi-free

Like apple pie, hockey violence and snow tires, human rights are something Canadians believe in—not quite a sacred institution but certainly a taken-for-granted feature of life. A recent public opinion survey shows resounding support (86 per cent) for laws against discrimination.
The hawking of America 2627

The hawking of America

In California, the bellwether state where it happens first and worst, the mood last week was ugly. NUKE IRAN! yelled bumper stickers, while boys on Hollywood Boulevard sold buttons with simple legends: “F--Russia” and “Ayatollah Assahola.”
The town that’s giving ‘downhill’ new meaning 1011
Dateline: Lake Placid

The town that’s giving ‘downhill’ new meaning

In ancient Greece athletes prayed to Zeus, king of the Gods, to protect the Olympic Games and all who participated in them. Last month at Lake Placid, New York, site of the 1980 Winter Olympics, the Reverend Bernard Fell offered up his prayers for divinely inspired snow to cover the barren mountains before the games begin Feb. 13— and, lo and behold, the place got a slight powdering.
Oh what a lovely war 1616a

Oh what a lovely war

I have just finished reading Roy MacGregor’s acid review of 1979 (People, Dec. 31), until which time my morning had been bright and shining, my breakfast excellent. How about a more positive approach? Sarcasm is cheap but it smacks of imitation and lacks in appeal.
Assiniboia: fickle farmers with a passion for potshots 2425
Election 1980

Assiniboia: fickle farmers with a passion for potshots

On a sunny winter’s day, south of Regina, snow rims the golden wheat stubble and the fields meet a royal blue sky somewhere beyond where the eye can squint. This is Highway 6. It bisects the riding of Assiniboia before slicing into Montana. “Every 10 miles along that road you run into an ex-MP,” jokes Bill Knight, one of six men who have held the West’s most fickle riding during the past 25 years.
People 3233


"I look an awful lot like my mother,” laughs Deirdre Van Winkle, 32, as she slips into the matte-faced makeup and high-heeled chic of the 1940s look she will be wearing almost nightly for the next six months. Van Winkle is part of the cast of Blue Champagne, a staged musical fantasy which will start in Toronto and cross the country from the Maritimes to B.C. until July.
The foreign factor 2021
Election 1980

The foreign factor

Joe Clark acknowledged the exit of Canada’s six “houseguests” as a campaign break—“a big one”—but it was Pierre Trudeau’s foreign policy speech the day the caper came to light that pointed unintentionally to the reason: “The Conservatives began their term by making Canada a laughingstock abroad, and our foreign policy has not recovered from it till this day.”
The kid that could, and the man who has 3839

The kid that could, and the man who has

Like most birthday parties for. 18year-olds, cameras clicked and at least one of the envelopes held money. But Wayne Gretzky’s party last year was held at centre ice at the Edmonton Coliseum, the pictures were for newspapers, and the envelope held $5 million.
The homegrown nuclear tomato 4647

The homegrown nuclear tomato

For decades power plants that produce energy have been literally sending most of it down the drain. Generating stations from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, to Grand Cache, Alberta, have burned coal and cast into lakes and rivers twice the energy they convert to electricity.
A slick way to skin the pubic 67

A slick way to skin the pubic

"Privatization.” I was introduced to this hideous word, and foolish and destructive idea, about a year ago. A high civil servant told a mutual friend he would like to meet me. Flattered (what back-bench senator would not be flattered by such an accolade from a mandarin?), I invited him to lunch.
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