February 18, 1980

CRUISING Lure of the Love Boots

Life styles

GAY Impact

Gay style-why it’s everywhere

CRUISING Lure of the Love Boots 1819

CRUISING Lure of the Love Boots

At noon, the mad preacher comes to Rawson Square. Beyond him, over the weary Casuarina trees, the stacks of the Dolphin, Sunward II and Emerald Seas ripple in the heat rising from Nassau’s Prince George Wharf. There, the tourists funnel down the gangway, hands full of One-Steps, imaginations bursting with straw baskets for mother, T-shirts and tonight’s nightclub promise, direct from the cruise director himself, of gambling and “big boobs, fat boobs, thin ones, long ones, ones you blow up with bicycle pumps, even two they lower by ropes and snuggle up against your nose.”
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Life styles

GAY Impact

It began with visibility. Weeknights around Toronto’s St. Nicholas and St. Joseph Streets in the narrow mews running back from the road, couples could be seen strolling hand in hand—tight trousers, short hair and flamboyant maleness.
Gay style-why it’s everywhere 4647

Gay style-why it’s everywhere

"Tacky, that’s really tacky,” said a businessman to his confrere in a popular Toronto restaurant. Dressed by Brooks Brothers and inspired by the conservative climate of Bay Street, our man in the cabana caressing his cigar may not have known that “tacky” used to be almost the sole proprietorship of homosexuals to describe something tasteless.
The mystery behind the umpteen masks 89

The mystery behind the umpteen masks

No other actor since Brando has created such a schism within the critical establishment as Richard Gere has. Following a press screening of American Gigolo in New York recently, the two sore sides set up camp. Broadsides began, continually interrupted by a hail of panegyric, one faction claiming that Gere is just another pretty face who mistakes his own moods for acting; the others retorting passionately that he’s the finest actor of his generation, gifted with an implosive technique which pulls you into a character the way other actors can’t. Conversation becomes a calamitous thing:
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"I like to go underground between books,” explains author Arthur Hailey, whose most recent book, Overload, has proved his most successful with more than 1.75 million in paperbacks in print. Though he has taken out Canadian citizenship, British-born Hailey, 59, is now content to live in Nassau, which has become known as “Muskoka South” to the wealthy Canadian beachcomber whose “cottages” face the sea.
A relentless arithmetic 2627
Canada: Election 1980

A relentless arithmetic

However galling to the rest of the country, the Feb. 18 election will likely be decided in the 95 seats of politically fickle Ontario. Ontarians get one vote each, like everyone else, but there is a relentless arithmetic that makes Ontario count for more.
Cutting edge in Calgary 5253

Cutting edge in Calgary

Throughout the ’70s, painters had to put up with unprecedented snipes and put-downs. They were denounced by critics as hopelessly wedded to old-fashioned ideas. They were criticized as fashionable jewelry-makers by workers in such dramatic new media as video and performance.
A telltale watch on tight ridings 2425
Canada: Election 1980

A telltale watch on tight ridings

Election '80 may not have the compressed excitement and the tantalizing promise of violence in a good hockey playoff but, on the other hand, what else is happening mid-February? And while it is true that the decisive battles will be fought in Toronto and southern Ontario, there are tight races in many of the 282 ridings across the country.
That old white magic 4849

That old white magic

Like any ordinary 12-year-old girl, Tamarra James had to deal with all of the confusions that go with puberty and early adolescence—including the perceived need to conform. “I just couldn’t stand being different from the other kids anymore.”
A capital offence 1616a

A capital offence

Please be informed of the gross error made in your article Brezhnev's Gamble (Jan. 21). Vilnius, not Kaliningrad, is the capital of Lithuania. Kaliningrad (Königsberg) is a city in East Prussia and has never been the capital of Lithuania.
The loneliness of the long-distance runner 5657

The loneliness of the long-distance runner

The signal that Joe Clark was certainly going to win the election last May came one night in a hockey rink in the Toronto bedroom retreat of Oakville. The packed arena had been sufficiently warmed up by the noisy Tory campaign band and the little cheerleaders were sweating.
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