March 17, 1980

A recluse walks on troubled waters 2425

A recluse walks on troubled waters

Calum Kennedy, the Scottish singer, likes to tell a story about his friend Allan MacEachen, Canada’s finance minister. The two were cruising the Outer Hebrides of Scotland in search of the croft that had been home to MacEachen’s forefathers.
A little matter of Russian roulette 3233

A little matter of Russian roulette

Mount Whitehorn was deserted, with cloud-shadow wrapped around the bald peak above the tree line and sunshine where, hours earlier, the best downhill racers in the world had launched themselves to hurtle past spectators at 70 m.p.h., to be embraced by young women with blankets when they reached the bottom, 3,450 yards and less than two minutes later.
Seeking victory over the snores 2829

Seeking victory over the snores

Quebec’s National Assembly is not notable for its decorum. It is, in some ways, the page boy of parliaments: under Charles Huot’s massive mural recalling the overturned chairs and general mayhem of Lower Canada’s first assembly in 1793, Quebec’s députés flick cigarette ashes onto the broad-loom, crack walnuts with their hinged desk tops and make rude noises.


Two days after his latest government was sworn in, Pierre Trudeau—a notoriously slow morning-starter—arrived at his office shortly before 9 to find the door locked. There ensued an anxious scurry of commissionaires for keys and an urgent roundup of tardy aides.
Life and death ethics 44d45

Life and death ethics

In the past two years a Vancouver man has battered his wife, hit a pedestrian with his car, and caused a serious industrial accident. During each incident he was drunk, as he often is. Should a law be passed to compel this man—and other uncontrolled drinkers—to take treatment for alcoholism?
People 3031


There wasn’t a whole lot of shakin’ going on at the Night Story disco in Tokyo last week, despite the fact that jet-set boogier Margaret Trudeau had been hired to appear in her dancing booties for three days—and for $20,000. Instead the session turned into a veritable sit-in, with the estranged wife of Pierre Trudeau presiding over the glitz as demurely as if it were a tea party.
Workingman’s rock 5455

Workingman’s rock

There must have been something disquieting floating in the California air while supergroups The Eagles and Pink Floyd were naming their current albums: The Long Run and The Wall. The titles tell it all. Though both albums are money-makers to soothe the psyches of record companies battered by the slump of ’79, corporate rock ’70s-style is up against it.
Supreme but not absolute 2020a

Supreme but not absolute

Jack Ludwig’s Podium, Civil Liberties: Our Peculiar Silence (Feb. 18), does much to give a higher profile to a situation which should, as he suggests, cause all Canadians considerable concern. What he neglected to state, however, was the reason for our concern: the significance of civil liberties within the democratic system.
Open season on the Mafia 3637

Open season on the Mafia

Anthony Russo was a cat burglar as a kid. That’s why they called him Little Pussy even after he grew up to be a Mafia boss. The trouble was, as Pee Wee, the four-foot seven-inch alleged numbers racketeer, put it: “Pussy never learned to stop purring.”
Land of patience 1415
Dateline: Cairo

Land of patience

There are Jews everywhere in Cairo. There are Sephardic Jews long exiled from homelands like Lebanon and Morocco who come now to Egypt after exile in America to “rediscover their roots.” There are North American Jews like the lady from Dallas with glasses on a chain around her neck and pink crocheted sweater who is earnestly buttonholing bewildered Arabs with eyeball questions like, “What do you think of Mr. Begin?” and “Are you glad the war is over?”
You only die twice 67

You only die twice

When people turn 65, society, with terrible callousness begins a series of oppressive acts against them. Ageism—age discrimination—is as perverse a force as racism. In effect, we are telling our old to shut up, go away and if you don’t we will lock you up.
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