March 24, 1980



Before it is over, the death toll will reach 27. But on this, the first of 10 days of California downpour, the rain is but a small annoyance, lightly chording on the clover-shaped pool. A dark, stubby man with the build of a Chubb vault stands beneath the eaves of his $400,000 home and scowls toward the mist lingering over his neighbor's corral.
Israel at odds with the world 2425

Israel at odds with the world

The tone, fittingly for a member of one of the world’s leading banking families, was restrained but firm. The French Jewish community (700,000 strong in a population of 50 million), said Baron Alain de Rothschild, viewed with “growing concern” the president of the Republic’s endorsements of Palestinian self-determination.
Picking on the funny bone 1213
Profile: Dan Aykroyd

Picking on the funny bone

It was a brilliant scheme, as it turned out. NBC TV execs were wearing the carpet thin trying to think up a program that would corral 18-to-34-year-old watchers (the trendy spenders) in front of television screens late in the evening. So they sent their scouts scuttling to the stages of the Second City satirical revue companies in Toronto and Chicago and signed up seven young jesters at $750 a week.
Borderline behavior 89
This Canada

Borderline behavior

In the mild West Coast twilight two well-scrubbed Canadian couples in their late teens lean over a poster advertising a pornographic movie. It’s tacked to the front of a hard-core moviehouse. A salt breeze sweetened by the smell of low tide carries a snatch of what the couples would have the world believe is sophisticated laughter.
One more flight of the Canada goose 5253

One more flight of the Canada goose

Pre-performance warm-up: “Okay, everybody. Let’s take it from the War Measures Act.” The cast of six aligns, choreographer Ken Walsh retreats, music director Joe Sealy poises his hands above ivory keys, and with a crash of piano, the Spring Thaw '80 chorus takes off.
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Toronto the blasé was in fine form last week when Montreal dancers Marie Chouinard and Elizabeth Chitty took to the stage of the Art Gallery of Ontario to perform seven new works. In the first dance, Petite Danse Sans Nom, Chouinard skipped around with a yellow pail and finally urinated into it.
Don we now our gay apparel 1818a

Don we now our gay apparel

As one who has never been to a disco, never partaken of a Sunday brunch or a Perrier, never seen a converted warehouse and doesn’t know the meaning of the word “camp,” you can imagine the culture shock I experienced after reading your article Gay Impact (Feb. 18).
Broke in Mortgage Manor 18b19

Broke in Mortgage Manor

It is, perhaps, an indication of the mortgage mentality of the 1970s that Viv Woolford may be considered an average Canadian homeowner. When Woolford bought his Mississauga, Ontario, home five years ago, he was 26, had two jobs, a 17-year-old wife, two children and an income of $15,000.
A pause that preserves 67

A pause that preserves

I find it difficult to believe, but his biographers make it quite clear that C.D. Howe was once prepared to tear down the West Block of the Parliament Buildings and destroy the Parliamentary Library because he thought they had outlived their usefulness and could best be replaced by modern structures of concrete and steel.
How Herb Gray moved from sharp stick to the club 4242a

How Herb Gray moved from sharp stick to the club

Little Jimmy Coutts was traipsing among the television camera tripods on the dais at the rear of the room. It was a week before the election, and all was well in his world. His boss and main man, Pierre Trudeau, the thrice and future prime minister, was rolling a 30-minute policy ball at a largely passive Toronto crowd.
Sex 1980-tall oaks from elderly acorns grow 6061

Sex 1980-tall oaks from elderly acorns grow

Well, if a 70-year-old can produce sperm, I suppose the natural inclination is to want to save it. I mean really safe, even if you can’t bronze it. So an underground concrete chamber is logical. I refer of course to the quickly famous Repository for Germinal Choice, the brainchild of California millionaire Robert Graham who has had five Nobel laureates donate their very heady seed to his exclusive sperm bank.
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