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Games people play across the North




The mirrored ball high in the arched roof of the old dance hall remembered its role, turning sedately to cast speckled circles of light on the faces of the dancers. Indeed the dancers themselves, some with shocking pink hair, others in wide-shouldered leopard skin jump suits, were two-stepping— but not in the fashion of their parents, who had glided out Saturday nights of the Depression and war years in this same lakeshore dance hall, Toronto’s Palais Royale.
Games people play across the North 89
This Canada

Games people play across the North

The face of Alaska’s Abe Ito betrayed none of the pain searing through his upper arms and shoulders. His body stayed rigid, legs and arms outstretched. Only a trace of muscular strain rippled beneath his smooth, brown skin as he neared the limit of his endurance.
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Teen teasing is not Andy Thoma’s style. The 23-year-old Vancouver vocalist may resemble a cross between pube-throbbers Rex Smith and Leif Garrett, but his sights are set on Frank Sinatra’s style when he sings. Thoma’s first band, the ill-fated rock ’n’ rolling Aces, folded when he was 14.
Refugees who don’t feel like it anymore 20bT1
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Refugees who don’t feel like it anymore

Som Saysanasy, his wife, You, and their eight children are survivors. Unwitting victims of political and social upheavals which they can only just comprehend, they have found a safe haven in Canada from a simple life turned nightmare. The worst may be over, but the story isn’t finished.
Underpaid women, undervalued jobs 4849

Underpaid women, undervalued jobs

Just as soon as she settles the details of incorporation, Leona Mollis will hang out a shingle in Amherst, Nova Scotia, announcing MARSH VIEW CERAMICS, a partnership with a friend which will establish her as an independent business woman.
A wolf in sheep’s clothing 2829

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

The least likable inhabitant of No. 11 Downing Street, official residence of Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer, is Sir Geoffrey Howe’s Jack Russell terrier, a small and snappish animal with the habit of sinking its teeth into tempting targets.
Quebec’s long and lonely journey 67

Quebec’s long and lonely journey

I believe Quebec is a treasured and essential part of Canada and that sovereignty-association would not serve the interests of either Quebeckers or other Canadians. It is a system that is probably unattainable and, if achieved with great difficulty after long delays, it would quickly become unworkable.
For this is the law— and the profits 6465

For this is the law— and the profits

There is not a little to be learned from a studious observation of how a society treats different men in court. White-collar crime still pays. If you’re going to break the law, for heaven’s sake wear your best suit (not to mention your best lawyer) to court.
Here’s to a rebirth of past glory 6263

Here’s to a rebirth of past glory

As a birthday party it was rooted more in past events than present glories. Paintings from the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, the National Gallery of Canada’s twin of 100 years, had been dusted off and hung on the walls of the drab Ottawa office building that has served as a “temporary” home for the gallery for two decades—heroic glorifications of French and Canadian peasant life, stoic politicians and romantic landscapes.
A different view of the country 2425

A different view of the country

While Canadians eased into the comfortable familiarity of another four years of Liberal majority reign, Alberta ’s prince of politics, Peter Lougheed, emerged from a cocoon of silence that marked his non-presence in the federal election campaign.
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