April 21, 1980

The art of war for fun and profit 4445

The art of war for fun and profit

Friday night at the games club on the third floor of Mr. Gameways’ Ark in Toronto, one of North America’s biggest game and hobby stores. The most striking feature in the room is a life-size plywood and plastic replica of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, bristling with buttons, lights and painted video screens.


Fear still rules Kabul, the Afghan capital, nearly two months after its citizens rose in open rebellion against the Soviet occupation forces. It was a bitter and sullen population that I encountered when I visited the city earlier this month, posing as a tourist.
Anatomy of a comeback 2223

Anatomy of a comeback

Allan MacEachen had taken Trudeau’s resignation hard. He was convinced Trudeau could win again. He thought the momentum was building in the House against the infant government of Joe Clark. In a Nov. 19 byelection, the Tories had lost Prince Albert, the old Diefenbaker seat.
On a fast boat to China 1011

On a fast boat to China

The trip to China begins in a secondfloor office in downtown Hong Kong, a portrait of Mao Tse-tung beaming down as the travellers line up, 36 hours in advance of departure, to hand over passport details plus the price of the China trip to helpful, smiling English-speaking clerks.
The King is deadlong live the star 18d18e

The King is deadlong live the star

On March 13, Larry King sold his variety store in Toronto’s Kensington Market, a rabbit warren of antique streets where ethnic eaters buy everything from kolbassa to kohlrabi. His mother, Gladys, and stepfather, Jack Soble, were getting ready to shove off to a retirement condominium under the Florida sunshine, and Larry himself, in a last-minute plot twist, finally bit the bullet and announced that he would be marrying his longtime girl, Gwen.
People 4041


Our elevators are their lifts. Our cookies are their biscuits. And the cupcake-shaped things we call muffins are almost unheard of in Britain. So suburban-Toronto sextet Martha and The Muffins could have been forgiven for becoming Martha and the Crumpets after they caused confusion on a recent trip with their name and with lyrical references to Cheezies—a snack food unknown in the U.K.
On the block 1415
This Canada

On the block

The bull is ornery and recalcitrant. It cannot be budged from the enclosure back of the sales ring. When a man prods the animal toward the narrow exit, it backs off furiously, whomping its huge backside against the restraining timbers. Finally, three human heavies brandishing the stockyard equivalent of sawed-off shotguns— hockey sticks with the blades missing-leap into the pen and pound the animal on the head, forequarters and rump.
New wings and a prayer 18j19

New wings and a prayer

As the chief of the defence staff conceded, there are probably better planes being built. But Admiral Robert Falls was eager to defend the F-18A as cabinet’s choice for Canada’s new fighter. “It can do the job and it can do it well.” He had a right to sound relieved.
Gentle questions of birth 42d42e

Gentle questions of birth

The natural childbirth movement was well under way by 1975, when French obstetrician Frederick Leboyer popularized his novel method of delivering babies in Birth Without Violence. What he contributed was a fresh portrait of the infant’s often terrifying and lonely experience in the delivery room, and the startling suggestion that the birth trauma—one of those “givens” in psychiatric theory— might be transformed into an easy, even joyful transition for the baby.
In self-defence 67

In self-defence

In our national anthem, we sing heartily of “the true North strong and free” and pledge ourselves repetitively to “stand on guard for thee.” I sometimes wonder why there is so little discussion of how best this commitment should be carried out.
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