April 28, 1980

Will the next Mr. Disney please stand up... 5253
Show Business

Will the next Mr. Disney please stand up...

Never one to misread his audience, film director Clive Smith sauntered into a roomful of investors last month, a shadow of his flashy self. Gone was the usual black leather getup —jacket, pants and matching tie. Only a handful of silver rings sparkled discreetly against his cream blazer, a small concession in dressing down for this buttoned-down Bay Street affair.
The green green slime of home 1011
This Canada

The green green slime of home

It is hard not to ascribe malevolence to it. In the past decade it has spread from one end of Canada to the other like a plague. In the scientific journals it is Myriophyllum spicatum L., or Eurasian water milfoil. To the residents of Chemong Lake, three miles from Peterborough and 80 miles northeast of Toronto, it is just “the weed.”
Catching English Canada asleep at the switch 2021

Catching English Canada asleep at the switch

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is never at ease attending splashy parties but that aversion had nothing to do with his no-show at the session-opening ball at Government House last week. Trudeau stayed home Monday night to commit to memory big swatches of a speech he had honed for four days.
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One of the most disturbing Canadian murder trials ever was that of Wilbert Coffin, a Gaspé prospector who was hanged in 1956 for killing three American bear hunters. Despite a royal commission inquiry and Jacques Hebert’s 1963 book, I Accuse the Assassins of Coffin, which raised serious doubts about Coffin’s guilt, the verdict was never overturned.


In times of tedious calm, René Lévesque is as irascible and aimless as a cranky old pump sucking at an empty well. When the pressure returns, his cantankerous clatter settles into the determined purr of a smooth-running piston. Wednesday, sweat running in rivulets from his temples to his neck, the 57year-old firebrand stood before a spellbound crowd in the Chaudière River Valley town of Ste-Marie and proved he is at the peak of his power to bait, bully and beseech Quebeckers into national independence.
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Contrary to the view implied in your article on Teen Sex (Cover, March 31), I do not regard maturity and the ability to communicate sufficient prerequisites for sex. I feel that sex without the proper commitment is like food without digestion.
From Quebec, a vintage crop 4243

From Quebec, a vintage crop

LES BONS DEBARRAS Directed by Francis Mankiewicz
Gimme that prime-time religion 4849

Gimme that prime-time religion

There are those within the United Church of Canada who wish wavyhaired Rev. Berkley Reynolds would leave and take his evangelistic vision with him. For the past 12 years Reynolds has devoted his ministry in suburban Toronto to bringing the word of Christ to as many souls as possiblegaining, in the process, a reputation as “the Billy Graham of the United Church.”
The Liberals return to oft-stated ways 2223

The Liberals return to oft-stated ways

When Pierre Trudeau and Joe Clark uttered their first words in the Commons last week, the live television broadcast on Parliament Hill transmitted their voices out of sync with the lip movements. The disembodied tone and repeated references by MPs to “Mr. Speaker”—who, quite evidently, was Madame Jeanne Sauvé—seemed only fitting in a chamber of talk that has been closed because of elections for all but two months since November, 1979.
Through a lens looking darkly 2425

Through a lens looking darkly

It all seemed like a nightmarishly bad situation comedy, rerunning endlesley. Even the cast doesn’t change. In a Hull, Quebec, conference room, varyious experts from all factions of the communications industry have for the past month debated pay-television and satellite transmission before a governmeant committee which shows no inclinenation to move quickly on the matter.
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