May 12, 1980




Profile: Jean Chrétien

Heavyweight in a new ring



Ah, spring—the time of seed, sun and soft shower. Planting time, when Canada’s one million farmers are driven by nature to raise a traditional stink. But this year there is much more than mere fertilizer souring the wind. Twice toward the end of April angry farmers marched on Parliament Hill, their rough handmade signs—IT’S NO JOKE, I’M GOING BROKE; LOTS OF MEAT AND POTATOES BUT NO GRAVY—waving like drowning hands over their green-capped heads.


Sometimes the bogeymen are just laughable. One elderly secessionist, for example, got a bit carried away evoking the enemy in the damp chill of a Magdalen Islands meeting hall: “Look at the English ganging up to crush us,” Octave Turbide boomed into the microphone, blissfully unmindful that his offstage prompter and organizer of this “yes” rally is an authentic anglophone called Edward Bantey.
Heavyweight in a new ring 67
Profile: Jean Chrétien

Heavyweight in a new ring

It is a hot spring afternoon in Grand’-Mère and the local committee room of the “non” campaign is windowless, packed and sweltering. Some 300 people have come to see the most famous politician the St. Maurice Valley has produced since Maurice Duplessis.
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Buck Rogers’ vivacious 25th-century TV cohort, Col. Wilma Deering, spends her real-life weekends in 19thcentury style pitching hay and tending 100 head of cattle on an upstate New York ranch. Despite the fantasy show’s success, Erin Gray, 29, leads a quiet family life with real estate agent husband Kenneth Schwartz and toddler son Kevan and, despite her obvious stretchy space-suit charms, wants to avoid the poster pin-up whirl to which Farrah Fawcett et al have succumbed.
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While reading your cover article on new wave music (New Wave: No-Star Rock, April 7), I was amused when I came across David Livingstone’s deduction of its byword, “think, think, think.” In my opinion, if there is indeed any true thought in the music it certainly exists on a very shallow level, and one of the characteristic faults of new wave is that it thinks “for” the people instead of inspiring any original audience thought perception.
The spring of their discontent 3233

The spring of their discontent

The ceremony could not have been more deceptive in its serenity. Inside Amsterdam’s 15th-century Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), dressed in the ermine-trimmed cloak first worn by her ancestor King Willem II at his 1840 inauguration, Queen Beatrix was invested as the Netherlands’ sixth sovereign last week.
Dead are man’s best friends 44b44c

Dead are man’s best friends

"I put animals sleep daily,” Monica Converso is saying. “From two to 11 of them. There are certain days I can’t eat. There are days I say, ‘No more, I can’t do this anymore today.’ ” Converso, 25, is supervisor of the Ontario Humane Society’s Peel branch in Mississauga, Ontario.
Life with a master juggler 20b20c

Life with a master juggler

Rarely has the Supreme Combatant appeared so active. After a succession of ailments, 76-year-old Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba seems to have taken a new lease on life. But the daily jogging sessions, the juggling of political appointments, the comings and goings at the seaside presidential palace amid the ruins of ancient Carthage are regarded as futile gestures by the more cynical of his 6.2 million subjects.
Drivel by the page-full 67

Drivel by the page-full

Being a print journalist in English Canada these days makes one about as popular as a venereal disease inspector for the public health department. Unfortunately, in the eyes of a growing number of people, being a journalist is a lot less important.
Women who live in different worlds 45
Backstage: Referendum

Women who live in different worlds

Her rigid, made-up face shows little life. Corinne Côté-Lévesque moves through the cafeteria lunch crowd like a starlet. The “yes” committee has dispatched this secretary-who-married-her-boss to the referendum circuit. Corinne is seen but seldom heard.
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