May 26, 1980

The hostile halls of learning 4243

The hostile halls of learning

In many ways school is society’s looking glass. Less than a generation ago a glimpse, more often than not, revealed polished apples, polished shoes and polished homilies. Honor thy father, mother, teacher and the holy degree read the classroom catechism.
Waiting for the biggest prize 4849

Waiting for the biggest prize

Graham Greene’s life has been a constant flight from boredom and despair. It has taken him to more countries than most people could name; it has produced more than 40 books; it has seen him adopt the roles of fire warden and spy, film producer and war correspondent.
Petrocan takes to the pumps 3839

Petrocan takes to the pumps

When Petro-Canada acquired the 366 Pacific 66 gasoline stations from Oklahoma-based Phillips Petroleum Co. just over a year ago, in what was then the largest take-over in Canadian history, a handful of dealers simply couldn’t restrain their nationalist zeal.
People 3435


Soon to join the company of such diverse prominents as Mao Tse-tung and Mick Jagger, pointe personality Karen Kain will become the first Canadian ever to become the subject of Andy Warhol’s brush. Warhol, who met Kain four years ago when she was dancing with Rudolf Nureyev and was smitten with her beauty then, shot a couple of hundred Polaroid snaps of her last month and will produce 200 limited-edition silkscreen prints and four acrylic canvases of her.
Letters 1415


It is horrifying that, via television and news reports, the world watches the gradual massacre of the brave and fiercely independent Afghan people by the Soviet army—and does nothing to help (Inside Afghanistan, Cover, April 21). Some actions have been taken against the U.S.S.R. but this does not directly help the Afghans, who have desperately little food and are fighting with a few antiquated weapons.


Help For The Harried Homeowner
‘NON'—WHAT NOW? 1617


Few Quebeckers, French-speaking ones at least, pencilled their x on Tuesday with a light heart: their choice meant as much the burial of one national dream as it did the rebirth of another. The denouement was quick and brutal. After a gloriously sunny day which encouraged a record voting turnout of 82 per cent, the government’s humiliation was clear less than an hour after the polls closed.
When they play for real, it’s no contest 3636a

When they play for real, it’s no contest

They were similar though unique scenes, separated by two days, yet typifying this spring’s Stanley Cup finals. The Philadelphia Flyers are a gregarious team, open to visitors and questions, win or lose. But after game one of the National Hockey League series, the morgue-like dressing-room scene was different.
A massacre in need of confession 89

A massacre in need of confession

The only witnesses to the crime were the tall pine trees in the Katyn forest, and trees don’t talk. Later, when the corpses were discovered, forensic experts threw all their skills into proving that the slayings occurred in April, 1940. But other experts came along shortly to dispute these findings and moved the massacre on in time, to April, 1941.
Paperback alchemist 1213

Paperback alchemist

Maclean’s: Perhaps we can avoid talking too much about money. . . Krantz: Good. Won’t that be nice. You can ask anything you want, but that would be refreshing. Maclean’s: . . . because it seems pretty clear why you were paid so much. Krantz: I still don’t understand it.
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