June 9, 1980



It has been a day when the weather without has suited the mood within: wet, dark, at times even threatening. Over an ebbing bottle of Remy Martin cognac, Mordecai Richler has himself been in full storm,insulting academics, dismissing critics, slandering politicians-backing off only when asked why it is that his own mother refuses to speak to him.
Heredity altered, coincidence denied 5253

Heredity altered, coincidence denied

Information like this was bound to capture headlines: Jim Springer and Jim Lewis, identical twins adopted as infants into different Ohio families, were reunited after 39 years and found that both had married and divorced Lindas and then married Bettys; both had had dogs named Toy; their sons were named James Allan and James Alan; both worked part-time as deputy sheriffs; their smoking and drinking patterns were almost identical.
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She still can’t live up to her mother’s expectations—“She would prefer I become a cross between Dina Merrill and Dinah Shore”—but it was an abstemious Grace Slick who visited Toronto last week to promote her solo album Dreams, talk about her recently published biography and feed her head with nothing more psychedelic than chocolate M&M’s and Perrier.
Economy: stalled in midair 3839

Economy: stalled in midair

Like an accordian, the Canadian economy expands and contracts from one year to the next, the dual hands of the government and private enterprise taking turns in pumping the bellows and playing the keys. Midway through 1980, however, there’s precious little sweet music, a dispirited performance after the rousing gig of the 1970s.
The honorable tradition of Deep Throat reporting 1617

The honorable tradition of Deep Throat reporting

The Watergate scandal of the early 1970s rocked the United States, ousted Richard Nixon from the presidency and made heroes of two young reporters from The Washington Post, Bob Wood-ward and Carl Bernstein, who were credited with spearheading the investigation.
A jail out in the open 1213
This Canada

A jail out in the open

A teen-aged girl in tight jeans stood admiring a prisoner’s needlepoint on display in the four-storey Dome where 200 inmates had rioted in 1963. A baby girl in a buggy dropped her milk bottle outside the room where guards had killed prison classification officer Mary Steinhauser during a hostage drama in 1975.
Across the North, an ordeal by fire 2223

Across the North, an ordeal by fire

The vast shield of granite sits just under the moss and loam, a natural pan for the sun’s cookery. It catches and holds the heat—moisture can be grilled out of this thin soil in a few hours after a rain. In hot, dry weather, moss crumbles at a touch; a breaking branch sounds like a rifle shot.
Picasso - old master of modem 6263

Picasso - old master of modem

Walking through the Pablo Picasso retrospective at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) is as tiring a journey as the Spanish artist’s career was exhaustive. An entire museum cleared of all other work, every inch a tribute to the 78-year career of one man who began painting in the 19th century and eventually changed the whole face of art in the 20th.
Diving bubbles on the rise 5859

Diving bubbles on the rise

Off Gabriola Island in British Columbia’s Strait of Georgia, two eagles wheel overhead. Below them two scuba divers in bloated orange dry suits waddle to the edge of the dive boat Wet Dreams. Clucking over them like a worried hen is dive master Denny Sauer, checking gauges on their gun-metal-grey air tanks, tugging the rubber hoses that snake from tanks to regulators in their mouths.
A revolution to read, a future to spell out 6061

A revolution to read, a future to spell out

Picture a Central American farm-house, small, cluttered with chickens and a pig. The students, all well into middle age, cluster around a single table. The 15-year-old teacher, pretty and fresh as a tropical flower, chalks the lesson of national hero Augusto César Sandino on the wall.
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