June 23, 1980



It was an evening perfumed with glamor powerful enough to kill. Paris—Feb. 25, 1979. The entire musical world, including 300 or so international music critics, had turned out in curious, anxious force. So did politicians, diplomats, dignitaries of varied hue, celebrities of countless stripes and others who simply happened to be filthy rich.
The disenchantment of the diplomat 4243

The disenchantment of the diplomat

When her laden train swayed out of the desert with “camels that bare spices and very much gold,” the Queen of Sheba’s visit to Solomon’s court turned into one of the very few biblical occasions in which nobody sinned, nobody got hurt and a good time was had by all.
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Detroit isn’t known as a romantic city, and leather seat-covers are a lot tougher than the silk, lace and lavender pillows associated with romance. But for the past 2½ years a power-pop quartet from the Motor City has been spreading the gospel of love under the banner The Romantics.
Laughing in the rain 89
This Canada

Laughing in the rain

On this June morning, Calgary is masquerading as Vancouver. The foothills city, usually so high and dry, has grown sodden after two weeks of almost daily rain. The woods on Prince’s Island are lovely—damp and dewy. The footbridge connecting the small island park in the Bow River with downtown high-rises is awash.
Oh for a pin to prick the balloon 5253

Oh for a pin to prick the balloon

After two seasons of proffered resignations and as many returns, the Stratford Festival’s Robin Phillips has again announced he will not continue as sole artistic director. He should be taken at his word. Six years in command is enough, and the provocative excitement of his early productions has withered away under the sheer weight of Stratford’s massive theatrical machinery.
Sir John would not approve 1819

Sir John would not approve

Maybe the hooch theory explains the uncertain results of the latest first ministers’ meeting on the constitution. The theory holds that the last great attempt at constitution-making—the 1971 Victoria Charter-flopped because then-premier W.A.C. Bennett pressed his fellows into a long cruise on a B.C. ferry without a drop to drink.
The 50-per-cent solution 4647

The 50-per-cent solution

The principle that marriage is a full partnership with an equal division of assets upon divorce was thumped out more than a decade ago by the Royal Commission on the Status of Women. But, as just about any woman who took that principle to court found out soon enough, it was just so much fancy talk.
Share now or pay later 67

Share now or pay later

Ordinary Cubans talk with a mixture of fear and resentment of los gusanos de seda—the silkworms. Over the past 18 months an estimated 100,000 Cubans (most of them out of the country since the exodus of 1958) have made their way back “home” on charter flights from Miami.
The mouse that squeaked 1213

The mouse that squeaked

It would never occur to Luxembourg, a mouse of a country wedged between Belgium, France and Germany, to roar. Nevertheless, the 360,000 burghers in the quaint Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are as angry as can be these days, without departing from their legendary calm so far as to make a scene or threaten—as their bigger European Community (EC) partners are wont to do—to scuttle the Common Market if they fail to obtain justice.
An afternoon spin with the spouse 3233

An afternoon spin with the spouse

The curves and straightaways of Mosport’s racetrack create a strange setting for marital combat. But for the husband and wife team from Mortimer’s Point, Ont. (about 200 km north of Toronto), it’s the only way. The Nicholsons—Susan, 28, and Fred, 26—are a gear-shifting couple working out hostilities on the oil-stained tracks of Formula Ford class racing (third rung in the hierarchy of the racing world).
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