June 30, 1980



Who will save our lakes ?
Seven farms and four wives later. . . 1011

Seven farms and four wives later. . .

Maclean’s: Is that your grandfather’s cane? Trumble: Yes, it’s about 200 years old. My grandfather was 104 when he died. It’s made out of hickory. Maclean’s: Do you live a healthy life? Trumble: In a way I do. I don’t live a happy life any more; I can’t see, you know.
A few diamonds among the paste 5455

A few diamonds among the paste

The only Shakespearean play worthy of limelight during the opening week of this year’s Stratford Festival was Brian Bedford’s Titus Andronicus, a revival of his successful 1978 production. Probably Shakespeare’s most maligned play, Titus is a bloody pot-pourri of severed heads and hands, plucked tongues and skewered hearts, which seems so gratuitous that many critics refuse to hold the hallowed bard responsible for such excesses.
People 3031


Rumor has it that Winnipeg’s latest contribution to the recording industry, The Pumps, found their name in the telephone book, using the old open - at - any - page - and - where - the - finger - lands lands routine. Whatever happened, the group is happy with its catchy name and the fact that success is finally catching up with them after two years of pubs-and-punk-rock gigs.
Into the wild red yonder 2223

Into the wild red yonder

By two o’clock in the afternoon big Bruce Vento, the Democratic congressman from St. Paul, Minn., has a five o’clock shadow. It adds a tough edge to his dark, brooding features. He looks and sounds worried. The cause of his concern is the F-18* fighter plane, the aircraft that Canada is buying to fulfil defence needs through the 1990s.
Third World on the doorstep 1819

Third World on the doorstep

George Kakeway, leader of the Ojibwa Rat Portage band, stands by the shore of the shimmering Lake of the Woods and talks of his people’s grievances. Poor, uneducated, jobless, beset by alcoholism, they are a Third World community just up the road from the Kenora Golf and Country Club.
‘The strong men of the Arab world’ 2627

‘The strong men of the Arab world’

Rasheed Street, the people of Baghdad say, is the father of all streets. “Every martyr demonstrated one day on Rasheed Street,” according to venerable Islamic legend, but little is left of the thoroughfare’s past glory, even from the 19th-century Ottoman period of this 1,000-year-old city.
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Urban sprawl and ever-increasing non-resident ownership are indeed threats to Canadian and, in particular, Saskatchewan farmland. As a young Canadian who was brought up on a farm, I sincerely hope that Roy MacGregor’s article will encourage federal and, particularly, provincial politicians to take immediate and concrete steps to protect existing farmland.
Love and marriage wedded once again 4647

Love and marriage wedded once again

When the Dixie Cups first sang the song back in the early ’60s, Chapel of Love was legit, a true-blue song about love and marriage that every girl, if not every guy, could relate to. But when Bette Midler redid it in the ’70s, it had already become camp in a decade in which not everyone believed that true love had to lead to the altar.
Putting rape in its (legal) place 67

Putting rape in its (legal) place

The federal government is about to introduce legislation that will abolish rape with the stroke of a pen— that is, strike the word “rape” from the lawbooks. We think that is wrong. Granted, it must be clear to all but the most sexist observers that the present rape laws are not working.
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