July 28, 1980

NURSING HOMES: Everybody's Nightmare 16b17

NURSING HOMES: Everybody's Nightmare

It was horribly swift. The elderly, most of them in their beds, had settied for the night last Monday on the third floor of a nursing home in Mississauga, a sprawling community on Metropolitan Toronto’s western border. In Room 315, William Johnston, an 85year-old patient confined to a wheelchair, had been secretly smoking even though it was against regulations.
Salt Spring fever 67
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Salt Spring fever

At next month's Midsummer Night's Madness on Salt Spring Is1and, B.C., an actress playing a frisky old grandmother will bellow: “Salt Spring Islanders, this means war! Ed, you get yourself over to your little office and tell the government that we’re seceding.”
A worrying case of the VDTs 4243

A worrying case of the VDTs

When it was first introduced into Canada's newsrooms in the 1970s, the video display terminal, or VDT, was greeted as something of a curiosity, an inevitable marriage of the typewriter and television which would have to prove itself against the trusted old Underwood and three-carbon copy paper.
Mediocrity remembered 2627

Mediocrity remembered

The young Republicans had been standing in the lobby of the Detroit Plaza Hotel for more than an hour. A campaign band played a dozen college fight songs and then, to fill the time, it played them again. Then, at last, a man named Mike Curb raced up to the podium as though he were about to introduce The Beach Boys and announced: “Okay, everybody, the moment is here.”
People 3839


For the past six years Melissa Sue Anderson has been growing up in long gingham skirts as Michael Landon’s eldest daughter in Little House on the Prairie. Two years ago her character, Mary, went blind, which added a new dimension to Anderson’s performance and earned her an Emmy nomination.
Courting regression on rape 4445

Courting regression on rape

Two Ottawa lawyers were nearing the end of an intense argument over a rape case. "After all," the well-established male criminal lawyer said to his companion, a junior female partner in a law firm, “it’s only sex. And sex can be fun.” The two had strayed a long way from the narrow legal points of the recent Supreme Court case, Regina vs. Forsythe, which had sparked their discussion in the first place.
Doctor’s choice, mother’s trauma 4647

Doctor’s choice, mother’s trauma

The last thing Janet Campbell remembers was the mask coming down over her face. She had been lying in the hospital delivery room for about two hours and her contractions were coming on stronger and more often—a sign that her labor was progressing well.
Blood on the sands of Paradise 2223

Blood on the sands of Paradise

Nothing suggested danger under the palm trees in the picture-postcard setting of Honomalino when Bob Stephenson, a 30-year-old tourist from Oshawa, Ont., pitched his tent on a secluded beach in a remote part of the storied Kona Coast of Hawaii—the “Big Island” from which the state of Hawaii got its name.
The shadow warriors 3031

The shadow warriors

It's 5 a.m. and first light filters through misty rain. Under a makeshift lean-to, five men sleep shoulder to shoulder. There are more slowbreathing but indistinct forms outside. One wiry teen-ager awakes and takes his M-14 automatic rifle from a stack.
The Olympics sting 45

The Olympics sting

There is a small group of Canada's more exemplary citizens who are quietly trying to cope with the rage, frustration and bitterness that results from being the vietims of an audacious robbery. That group is our Canadian National Summer Olympic Team.
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