August 25, 1980



Was his kidnapping staged? Or is he dead?
Island in a storm’s eye 1011
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Island in a storm’s eye

At 91, Frank Staneland cannot deliver those right hooks the way he used to. Dwarfed by the flowery, cushioned armchair he sits in, Staneland’s trim little frame hints of earlier days when he was something of a boxer and a sailor. But now, looking out at the trees around his tiny wooden cottage, he doubts he’ll be able to offer much resistance on that long-dreaded day when the sheriff appears at his door.
Letters 1414a


Your cover story on the current renewed interest in coal as an energy source is a timely and important one. (Coal's Big Comeback, July 14.) However, while discussing one solution to our energy problem I feel you have ironically demonstrated the real cause of the dilemma—energy waste.
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"I’m so in love with the book that I haven’t wanted to lose any of it,” explains actress-turning-producer Margot Kidder, who plans to take Margaret Atwood’s 1976 book Lady Oracle to the movies. Kidder has owned the rights to the book for almost two years and so far she has gone through four screenplays (including one by Atwood), but none of them has been quite right.
A victory without grace 2223

A victory without grace

James Earl Carter Jr. began the morning of his coronation on the run, a six-km jaunt through Central Park in the company of Secret Service joggers and the ever-attendant press. He is an ungainly runner, his elbows and knees oddly out of sync as though running were a sport he had learned from a manual.
Kenya's stronger sex 89

Kenya's stronger sex

Bent double under 50 pounds or more of stout branches for firewood, a woman staggers along a dirt road in Kenya, her face stretched taut as a drum by the yoke tied round her forehead. By her side her husband strolls erect, a furled umbrella under his arm.
If it works in Borneo, why not here? 67

If it works in Borneo, why not here?

One of the great changes in Canada I’ve noticed in the past 50 years has been the increase in high-density living. We think of our past in terms of The Little House on the Prairie, but actually about 50 per cent of Canadians living in cities now make their homes in “multiple-unit dwellings”—high-rise apartments and townhouses.
Promises they couldn’t keep 3637

Promises they couldn’t keep

The Player’s International Canadian Open Tennis Championship was a series of upsetting disappointments last week—for players, fans and promoters. As top-seeded men and women agreed to compete and advance ticket sales soared, thoughts of bitterly cold winds whipping down centre court in last year’s tournament and suspicions that this was really only a warmup exercise for the U.S. Open were replaced by fanciful visions of rematches of this year’s exciting Wimbledon.
Kicked out and kicking back 3233

Kicked out and kicking back

The mood is angry. The style tight and direct. In this in-house account of a plant shutdown earlier this year, which saw 180 of its members laid off work indefinitely, the United Auto Workers—Canada’s second-largest industrial union—were already sowing the seed for what finally erupted last week into a full-scale confrontation.
A lyrical refugee from punk 38T3

A lyrical refugee from punk

It could be argued that not since the ’20s, when Toronto served as a drop-off point for smuggling copies of James Joyce’s contraband Ulysses into the United States, has Canada figured more strategically in an Irishman’s career than it has in Chris de Burgh’s.
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