September 22, 1980


A voice out of time

Constitution 1980


Profile: George McMullen

A feel for the past

A voice out of time 44d45

A voice out of time

Beyond him, the hardwood forest is blackening in the setting sun, blushing with the early rumors of fall. Soon the colors of Quebec’s Eastern Townships will rise to equal his own anxiety; October will come and with it the release of Voices in Time, his first novel in 13 years, perhaps the last.
Constitution 1980


Eleven men who let a nation down
A feel for the past 1415
Profile: George McMullen

A feel for the past

The city was modern Alexandria, built on the ashes of countless earlier Egyptian civilizations. A dusty hot car sped along under the sweltering Mediterranean sun, the passengers chatting amicably. Suddenly one of them exclaimed: “We just drove over the top of Cleopatra’s palace.”
Festival of Festivals 3839

Festival of Festivals

At week’s end Toronto’s fifth annual tribute to cinema, the Festival of Festivals, prepared to close with a bang-up bash climaxing a week best characterized by the title of the final film—Divine Madness. Madness, featuring Bette Midler, was actually taped during three concert sessions, and Midler hauls out all of her zany characters including “tacky Delores DeLago, the toast of Chicago” and costumes that vary from sequins to a wedding cake, which she sports while singing Chapel of Love.
History defrosting 67
This Canada

History defrosting

On the artifact-laden beach below the crumbling cliffs of York Factory, 250 km southeast of Churchill, Man., Parks Canada archeologist John Combes stares wistfully at the eddying Hayes River and beyond, to the mouth of Hudson Bay. “York has to be one of the five most important archeological sites in this country, yet few Canadians seem to care,” he says with a frustrated sigh.
A question of taste 2020a

A question of taste

I wish to say that I read your magazine regularly and with enjoyment. However, I refer to an issue where I believe bad taste was shown in immediately following a story on the African Tragedy (Dateline: Nairobi, Aug. 4) of starvation with one on Summertime and the Lickin' Is Easy (This Canada, Aug. 4).
The Night of the Generals 3031

The Night of the Generals

The volatility of the Middle East was heavily underscored last week. First, two of the area's most militant Arab states, Libya and Syria, announced that they were to unite; then, a mere 36 hours later, Turkey 's generals seized power, as they put it, to fight against “anarchy, terrorism, divisiveness and communist, fascist and fanatical religious ideologies."
Shock waves from peace champions 5657

Shock waves from peace champions

The story ran on page 1 of The New York Times, and it was datelined Jerusalem: 56 prominent Jewish Americans had issued a statement condemning Israeli extremists and advocating territorial compromise. That statement, issued July 1, sent shock waves not only through Prime Minister Menachem Begin’s administration, but through the 5.7-million-member Jewish community in the U.S.
An old city’s walls of the mind 1213
Dateline: Jerusalem

An old city’s walls of the mind

Menachem Begin’s prospective new neighbors are not amused. For Zeinab Abu Ta’ah, a 55-year-old widow, her two daughters-in-law and 11 grandchildren, the Israeli prime minister’s imminent move from Jewish West Jerusalem to Arab East is no abstract political issue.
Co-op housing goes beyond the commune 5455

Co-op housing goes beyond the commune

Two years ago, secretary Betty Sayman’s biggest concern as a single parent was to find a welcoming community for her teen-age son—a real home instead of their unsatisfactory space in a 14-storey Toronto apartment building. “It was cold and uninviting,” she recalls.
Massey faces the grim reaper 4243

Massey faces the grim reaper

Another week, another episode in the perils of that ill-starred Canadian company, Massey-Ferguson Ltd. “Pauline is on the tracks,” says Conrad Black, chairman of Argus Corp., Massey’s largest shareholder, “and you can hear the train.”
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