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This Canada

A mean town matures



Fish, cars, trade, dams...why can’t Canada win?


Careening, Tricia Bown slammed her heels into the lifeless sides of Buford—a gyrating mechanical bull at the Vancouver honky-tonk, Bronco’s. The 19-year-old had begged Whitey, the bull’s operator, to let her ride at nine, the highest speed and one that regularly left men walking like Walter Brennan for a week.
A mean town matures 1617
This Canada

A mean town matures

The name unfortunately evokes a bizarre array of fanciful images, half-truths and damning misconceptions. Fort McMurray. It carries a symbolic ring, perhaps not quite as pernicious as Sodom and Gomorrah, nor as golden as Dallas, but almost, to some minds.
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Wherever Lindsay Wagner went while working on the $6-million adventure film High Risk, hordes of fans followed in search of “La Mujer Biónica.” In fact, Wagner hasn’t played the role of Jamie Sommers in TV’s Bionic Woman for more than two years, but in Mexico the series is a current hit.
Time capsules beneath the Great Lakes 24h1a
Ontario Scene

Time capsules beneath the Great Lakes

The demise of the Gunilda in the summer of 1911 was an ignoble affair. The stately luxury yacht owned by William Harkness of New York state, heir to the Standard Oil fortune, was sailing a leisurely course along the northern shores of Lake Superior.
Finding a place for the poor 485a

Finding a place for the poor

Apartment hunters who prefer to live within spitting distance of superhighways and fast-food chains soon may not be the only people who are sorry the Ontario Housing Corporation (OHC) doesn’t build projects like Falstaff anymore. The Falstaff public housing development, three symmetrical high-rise slabs, is perched between two hamburger stands and an expressway bridge across Jane Street in North York.
A pricking feud over the right to needle 48b48c

A pricking feud over the right to needle

The walls and shelves of Pierre Gaulin’s Ottawa clinic are lined with Chinese slogans, posters and medicinal herbs imported from Hong Kong—just the right touches to complement his work as a lay acupuncturist. The small waiting room in the basement of his home, which is strewn with dirty ashtrays, dated newspapers and magazines, accommodates only a few of his weekly load of 500 to 800 patients.
Rolling with the last con 3839

Rolling with the last con

In this glittering facade of a city, Las Vegas, where time is suspended and reality banished, Muhammad Ali appropriately staged his last hurrah. He had said, “The first miracle is that I lost all that weight.” Ali was 254 lb. six months ago when he decided to come out of retirement, again, and 217½ lb. at last week’s weigh-in.
Spiritual messenger with his heart in Tibet 1011
Q&A: Dalai Lama

Spiritual messenger with his heart in Tibet

Tenzin Gyatso, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet, was born in the small farming village of Takster in the province of Amdo on July 6, 1935. At the age of 2, following a nation wide search, he was declared to be the reincarnation of his predecessor, the great Thirteenth Dalai Lama.
A jack-of-all-trades and master of most 24b24c
Profile: Don Francks

A jack-of-all-trades and master of most

"No one in the whole world,” said Jackie Gleason years ago, “is like Don Francks.” A multitalented entertainer, Francks is given to strange pilgrimages and sabbaticals from his work. In an industry that usually depends on longevity and contacts to ensure success, Francks is a maverick.
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