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Nipigon, Ont., is a dot on the Trans-Canada Highway, almost equidistant from St. John’s, Nfld., and Victoria, B.C. “It’s a quiet town,” says Teresa Wiebe, a young Mennonite mother. “We keep to ourselves.” But it is also a town of Finnish immigrants, Polish refugees, dispossessed Métis— people who responded instinctively when the Anglican minister, Rev. Tim Delaney, first suggested that Nipigon do something about the “Boat People.”
Passionate caretaker of the oceans 24b24c

Passionate caretaker of the oceans

At 70, Jacques-Yves Cousteau is arguably the world’s leading environmentalist. Apart from making films which have brought underwater life to the world’s living rooms, Cousteau devotes his time to his Institut Océanographique in Monaco and the 165,000-member Cousteau Society in the U.S. The society will open a Canadian branch in 1981.
Journey through a jealous land 1011
This Canada

Journey through a jealous land

Only the butter-dipped, tea-dunked pocket watch of the Mad Hatter could make sense of this railroad’s timetable. Twice weekly, the Quebec North Shore and Labrador Express quits the bleak St. Lawrence River port of Sept-îles for a schizoid run between time zones through the forbidding beauty of Labrador.
People 4243


In French, the announcer screeches, ‘Tl lance! Il compte!“ In English, it’s: “He shoots! He scores!” And in Japan, where hockey is the No. 3 sport after sumo wrestling and baseball, a goal is enthusiastically heralded with “Shooto! Get!“
Accidents will happen but the cures wait 6061

Accidents will happen but the cures wait

The crash was sudden and violent. The late-model car careened out of control, clipped a light standard and rolled, crushing the 22-year-old driver against the dashboard. Within 10 minutes an ambulance was at the scene. The toll was obvious:
The boys of autumn are a riot of color 4040a

The boys of autumn are a riot of color

Searchlights bounced off the few remaining clouds, horns honked in the miles of stagnant traffic, helicopters whirled overhead. The floodlit oval of Veterans Stadium, with streams of humanity crisscrossing its exterior ramps, appeared like a scene in a Hieronymus Bosch painting.
The search with no ending 1617

The search with no ending

Reports of American soldiers still being held captive in Vietnam continue to drift back to the Pentagon’s top secret Defence Intelligence Agency. They generally come from refugees who escape to Hong Kong or from foreign businessmen who “heard it” from a contact in Hanoi who “heard it” from a relative who lives in a remote village.
Things that go bump in Victoria 3031

Things that go bump in Victoria

It could be the stuff of Halloween nightmares or the fevered imagination of a fiction writer determined to make Rosemary ’s Baby and The Exorcist sound as exciting as a Nancy Drew mystery. Yet the book is billed as the true account of a five-year-old girl who, in the demure mid-1950s amid the placid charm of Victoria, B.C., became the victim of unspeakable practices perpetrated by a band of serious Satanists— among them, her mother.
Working women of a Third World kind 2223

Working women of a Third World kind

I found your article Kenya's Stronger Sex (Dateline, Aug. 25) very informative and interesting. As an active member of the United Church and UNICEF, the living conditions and women’s roles described in your article were not totally new to me.
The new gold rush 4647

The new gold rush

For over two centuries, voyageurs and fur traders trekked unknowingly across the El Dorado of Northern Ontario and Quebec, occasionally leaving the imprint of a hobnailed boot in a surface vein of gold hidden just below the moss. Their oblivion to the presence of any riches other than furs meant that Canada’s most precious hordes of the metal lay undetected until the early 1900s, long after fortune had been won in the gold fields of Nova Scotia, in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley and in the Klondike.
‘Death is thick in the air’ 32b33

‘Death is thick in the air’

El Asnam is a city beyond tears. Stunned by disaster, its inhabitants betray relatively little of their grief. They wait, blank-faced, for news of relatives buried beneath the rubble of their devastated homes. Sirens echo mournfully about the empty, debris-strewn streets as the ambulances bear away their cargoes.
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