November 3, 1980




A man who could well be called intrepid


Island of woe



Brian Peckford’s crusade against Ottawa
A man who could well be called intrepid 1011

A man who could well be called intrepid

Some women at the next table are staring at the man with the black patch over one eye, thinking he’s somebody they should know. Finally their curiosity gets the better of them. “No, madam, I am not Moshe Dayan,” he replies in the nicest possible tone.
Island of woe 1617

Island of woe

The fainthearted may choose to skip to the end of this story, but if they do they will miss its point. The point is not that there will soon be a study done on the environmental fluoride poisoning of human beings on the St. Regis Mohawk Reserve on Cornwall Island in the St. Lawrence River (Maclean's, July 30, 1979).
Head-to-head down the homestretch 4041

Head-to-head down the homestretch

Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan are down to the precious few. With less than a week to run in this long, acrimonious race for the Oval Office, polls show the president and his Republican challenger in a dead heat. The slightest shift in public opinion will determine the selection of the republic’s 40th president, or the re-election of its 39th.
A soft focus on erotica, a hard line on violence 5455

A soft focus on erotica, a hard line on violence

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” must be what Danish under-12s are thinking these days when they find out they’re forbidden by law to see Star Wars and its successor, The Empire Strikes Back. But no matter, they can always move on to the theatre next door and enjoy a thoroughly explicit nonviolent homosexual film.
People 3839


For thousands of upstanding British Columbians, one night out every year includes a trip to the Tijuana-of-the-North—Blaine, Wash.—where the main attractions are beer on Sunday and hard-core sex films at the Seavue cinema. Last month the Seavue offered, in person, the star of its feature presentation, For Love of Pleasure, to answer questions after the $7.50 show.
A word about incredibly edible miniature slaves 24d24e

A word about incredibly edible miniature slaves

Maclean’s:.Exactly what is a microbe and what part does it play in biotechnology ? Moo-Young: By definition a microbe is a living organism that you cannot see with the naked eye—bacteria, yeasts and so on. But, you must understand, biotechnology is an ill-defined field.
Rewrites of a Gothic past 6667

Rewrites of a Gothic past

"Imagined,” whispered the drama student, “that he’d be blind and led in by a small boy.” Instead Tennessee Williams, distinguished-artist-in-residence for five weeks at the University of British Columbia, had sauntered nimbly into a hushed graduate seminar, jaunty in a bohemian checked jacket, blue knit tie all askew.
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I really enjoyed your article on the Edmonton Eskimos (Football Dynasty on the March, Cover, Sept. 8). They are truly in a class of their own. The part on Dave Cutler was superb. I especially liked the photo of him kicking with Wilkie holding.
Eating their cake and heaving it too 5051

Eating their cake and heaving it too

Night after night, Addie Ternes, a quiet-spoken 23-year-old manager with a Winnipeg consulting firm, would wake up in the middle of the night and gorge on ice cream, cookies, buns and anything else she had hidden for her ritual. Within 15 minutes, heart palpitating, head spinning and bloated stomach aching, she would scurry to the washroom, stick her fingers down her throat and vomit repeatedly.
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