April 13, 1981


American's high noon mentality


Trouble in tomorrowland


The knight of the fifth estate

American's high noon mentality 22d23

American's high noon mentality

If Ronald Reagan’s doctors are right, the toughest 70-year-old man in America will return to the White House next week, well enough to resume a near normal schedule of Oval Office functions. The president’s swift and high-spirited recovery from a would-be assassin’s .22calibre bullet which punctured his left lung has been called remarkable; all things being equal, he will fly to California at month’s end as planned, attend his eldest daughter’s wedding and keep an appointment with Mexico’s President José Lópes Portillo.
Trouble in tomorrowland 4445

Trouble in tomorrowland

Ottawa wants action on pension reform, but business wants to know who pays
The knight of the fifth estate 1617

The knight of the fifth estate

Malling's worry dances between excellence that obsesses him and irrational fear that one day, any day, his luck will turn

The troubling fates of philanthropic causes 4647

The troubling fates of philanthropic causes

Growth and dissension plague voluntary organizations


I really enjoyed your delectable cover Hunger for Housing (March 30). The gingerbread house looked scrumptious enough to eat. But where did you get the blue Smarties? —BETTINA FRAEDRICH, Scarborough, Ont. The last paragraph of your article on real estate was, in my opinion, undoubtedly the stupidest comment, not only in this article but in any article, on housing I have read in 20 years.


"When I first met Margaret Trudeau , she had on a gigantic hat and an outrageous dress—I can really understand how she had to strive for her individuality,” recalls Rita Jenrette, soon-to-be-ex-wife of ex-congressman John Jenrette. Now promoting her own kiss-and-tell memoir of lowlife at the top, My Capitol Secrets, Jenrette is facing the consequences of too much media herself.
How big wheels deal 3233

How big wheels deal

John Hay After the Tories nattered their way into a seventh day of filibuster in the Commons two floors below, New Democrat Ed Broadbent quietly slipped into Joe Clark’s office last week hoping for a deal. Broadbent had just hung up the phone after getting Pierre Trudeau’s assurance that the government would accept the NDP’s formula for ending the constitutional stalemate.
Marcus Welby sings the blues 3434a

Marcus Welby sings the blues

It is 4 a.m. and Vancouver general practitioner Dr. David Bachop is sitting in a hospital waiting room, exhausted. He has just performed a difficult forceps delivery of a distressed baby. Pulling on a cigarette, he reflects that he has shepherded the mother through nine months of pregnancy and will give her six weeks of postnatal attention.
General Haig’s unbridgeable gulf 2829

General Haig’s unbridgeable gulf

Middle East leaders greet Haig with apprehension
Living the Hollywood dream 6869

Living the Hollywood dream

Violence, after all, has more variety than sex
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