June 15, 1981



El Salvador has always been a bloody; frightened land; now it’s about to erupt
A lesson in oversimplification 6061

A lesson in oversimplification

Our school system is reducing major moral questions to computer-chip games
A fat man, an ugly colt, a Crown out of reach 3637

A fat man, an ugly colt, a Crown out of reach

Pleasant Colony's mortal lock came undone
If he had a hammer 6465

If he had a hammer

The main problem with the Trudeau cabinet—aside from its impressive mediocrity, its lack of strong figures, its meandering, swaybacked style—is that practically all the members are in the wrong portfolios. Effete visionaries are in meat-and-potato ministries.
Life after 'Fort Apache, the Bronx’ 1213

Life after 'Fort Apache, the Bronx’

German visitors now take guided bus tours of the area, smugly selfsatisfied that the destruction the United States has wrought on one of its own cities in peacetime equals the wartime bombings of Dresden. And last summer, delegates to the Democratic National Convention toured the burned-out blocks so they could return to the small towns of the South and the Midwest with the macho boast that they had seen the violent streets, if only behind the domes of a sightseeing coach.
Tale in a brutal tradition 5657

Tale in a brutal tradition

Argentina, April, 1977. Jacobo Timerman, editor of the Buenos Aires newspaper La Opinión, is kidnapped from his home. The kidnapping is standard 20th-century issue: 20 or so civilians with guns, a blindfolded, handcuffed victim thrown on the floor of his car and taken to a secret location.
Overcome by the aroma of power 2829

Overcome by the aroma of power

Reagan woos key Democrats to his tax cut campaign


Now that new wave is old hat, record company prophets are predicting the biggest pop music revival of them all: the return of disco! The beat that unleashed legions of white-suited John Travolta clones is set for a major relaunch in different clothes: buccaneer garb and costume ball fancy dress replace layered neck chains and Spandex pants.
Rebuilding in the ruins 1617

Rebuilding in the ruins

Solofra, once a thriving commercial centre in the heart of Italy’s troubled south, today has the bizarre aspect of a Hollywood set caught between two films. The remains of buildings ripped apart by last November’s earthquake still await their final demolition, while brand new prefabricated shops and offices are springing up on dirt lots among the ruins.
Another battle for Munro 3031

Another battle for Munro

With a face like Edward G. Robinson’s and friends like Frank Sinatra’s, John Munro has always seemed improbable cabinet material. But the 19-year veteran MP from Hamilton East has maintained the trust, even the affection, of his political master, an indication of Pierre Trudeau’s undying loyalty to the loyal, no matter how strong their penchant for striding into political cow patties.
Common foe 45

Common foe

The time has come when Canadians must realize that we are all as one (Rumbles From the North, Cover, June 1). We send millions of dollars to other countries while our own future rots before our eyes. It is sad that little children die of diseases that shouldn’t exist in this country.
Indian harvest white man style 3637

Indian harvest white man style

Bruce Starlight leans across the open car door and surveys the surrounding countryside. He recollects the time 13 years ago when, along with his new bride, he camped on the land, cutting and stripping spruce trees for sale to ranchers building corrals, hauling the trees out of the bush behind an old saddle horse.
Raging female hormones in the courts 4647

Raging female hormones in the courts

Several cases boost legal recognition for premenstrual syndrome as a factor in female crime
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