September 7, 1981

Dancing in the jaws of change 5253

Dancing in the jaws of change

What Bruce Cockburn’s fingers are doing to the strings of his electric guitar is registered only as the surging of power meters and the blinking of computerized digits on the hardware of the 24-track recording studio. The mute technology of Toronto's Manta Sound merely whirs and shutters, encoding another piece of electronic information onto the tape, but the humans present on this April night are alert to the important musical transformation at hand.
Black marks for scarlet coats T421

Black marks for scarlet coats

It should have been a relatively satisfactory week for Pierre Trudeau, but it didn’t end that way. An exhaustive royal commission on the RCMP concluded that the prime minister, his ministers and top government officials were never told about any specific crimes that may have been committed by the Security Service in the early 1970s.
A renegade spirit in the union den 1011

A renegade spirit in the union den

As a new power in the steelworkers' union, Patterson is expected to chart a defiant course


Hard on the heels of Margaret Trudeau’s first movie, Kings and Desperate Men, came a round of disgusted pannings from the people and the press. But the irrepressible Madame T., making a rare public appearance last week at the Montreal film festival as part of a contractual agreement to promote the bomb, was nonplussed.
Reversing the right gears 45

Reversing the right gears

Your recent cover story asked, Does Nothing Work Anymore? (Aug. 17). Peter Newman’s editorial suggested that much of the problem stems from a lack of action by the clowns in Ottawa. The best thing that those idiots could do would be to reverse some of their recent actions.
Freedom journey on the Chopin Express 1819

Freedom journey on the Chopin Express

Thousands of disenchanted Poles are packing their bags to seek a new life in the West
The clout of the inscrutable palate 4647

The clout of the inscrutable palate

Many find dining-room reportage as culturally vital as the survival of the CBC
The men who pulled the rug 2223

The men who pulled the rug

They sat under the merciless drone of air conditioners for 313 days, listened to the tales of 149 witnesses, plowed through 805 exhibits, examined more than 300 allegations and, most trying of all, entertained objections and points of order from most of the 55 lawyers in attendance.
Trapped in the mills 4041

Trapped in the mills

Justice can grind exceeding fine when securities commissions pounce
On a wing and a prayer 20dT1

On a wing and a prayer

Toronto’s Flying Angel provides a harbor for visiting seamen
Talking here, stalling there 3031

Talking here, stalling there

In scenes reminiscent of a Marx Brothers movie, pale-faced bureaucrats from Ottawa and Edmonton huffed up and down the stairs separating their respective floors in a posh Montreal hotel last week. They had somehow managed to convince themselves and the gaggle of reporters who waited 25 floors below that they were engaged in a truly monumental tussle.
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