September 14, 1981


The lost kids of the 80's


The high priests of peace


Dipping into the Amazon’s pot of gold

The lost kids of the 80's 56d57

The lost kids of the 80's

At dusk, with the last light needling green and golden through the jack pine, the young and the restless gather at the Mountview Youth Hostel, a tent encampment on the outskirts of Banff, Alta. Here, the cots are $4 a night, the propane is free and there are still the odd copies of books such as Zen Flesh, Zen Bones and Walden floating around.
The high priests of peace 28d29

The high priests of peace

If, as Alberta soothsayers swear, Peter Lougheed has cast his blue eyes enviously on a fellow Albertan’s job as national Conservative leader, his campaign may well have opened last Tuesday just after the stock markets closed. Smiling broadly and—for the first time in a yearlooking comfortable on the national stage, he pronounced an end to his energy pricing war with Ottawa.
Dipping into the Amazon’s pot of gold 1819

Dipping into the Amazon’s pot of gold

Serra Pelada, in the heart of the hostile jungle, is the site of a frenetic gold rush
The thrill is gone 4041

The thrill is gone

Canada Cup II has problems, perhaps terminal
The war goes on 45

The war goes on

What I would like to know is how much of its $4-million advertising budget did the military spend on the five-page supplement to Maclean's (Defence: Not Enough Bangs for Our Bucks, Cover, Aug. 31). Since, between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R., enough nuclear weapons exist to “wipe the world out 20 to 40 times over,” how can any argument for increased Canadian military expenditures be paid any heed, let alone be given editorial support and sympathetic coverage?
A plea for play 4647

A plea for play

Play is an attitude, not a thing,” says 34-year-old dancer-choreographer Judith Marcuse, “and it’s getting more difficult to play.” So, seizing a chance to knock some of the serious edge off life, the Vancouver-based Marcuse will be taking play out of the schoolyard and into theatres across the country this fall with her latest creation, Playgrounds: a Celebration of Play.
A sidelined quarterback 1415

A sidelined quarterback

Noranda's sporting CEO is taking corporate defeat in stride
Iran’s streets still run red 4849

Iran’s streets still run red

It was a guileless summer Sunday on the banks of the river Oise, 32 km north of Paris. To a casual observer the crowds besieging the oversize blue tent at the end of a suburban village garden might have been celebrants at some family baptism. In fact, the 184 journalists who filed under the canvas throughout the day had come to record the scenario of the downfall of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s regime as painted by his once favorite spiritual son, deposed president Abolhassan Bani-Sadr.
Department store dentistry 5455

Department store dentistry

A rise in shopping mall clinics has some dentists worried
Wilderness and its delights 8485

Wilderness and its delights

Deep in a Canadian rain forest, a priceless institution struggles
Humans will be humans 7071

Humans will be humans

Finally, a Soviet film that gives social ambition its due
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