October 12, 1981

Bora Laskin’s fateful legacy T627

Bora Laskin’s fateful legacy

In the wake of the Supreme Court of Canada’s landmark judgment last week, a visiting group of British MPs stopped René Lévesque and asked him whether Pierre Trudeau would relax his constitutional position. “Not him,” said the premier, “I’ve known him for many years.
The directorship of Duddy 1819

The directorship of Duddy

No longer an angry young comedian, David Steinberg is making his debut as a film director
A new era for the courts draws closer 3233

A new era for the courts draws closer

Legality and convention are all very well, but the charter of rights will have more impact
Pot luck in the high hills 1011

Pot luck in the high hills

This fall's marijuana harvest could result in a cash crop worth up to $1 billion
An epic battle over the rights to culture 50h51

An epic battle over the rights to culture

Camps divide as Canada's Copyright Act faces revision
Smooth-talkers from Cowtown 4647

Smooth-talkers from Cowtown

On its third try for Olympic immortality, Calgary wins the 1988 Winter Games


Every person who loves freedom has been impressed and inspired by the achievements of Lech Walesa (Lech Walesa’s Flaming Spirit Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, Editorial, Sept. 28). But historically the Poles have displayed a disturbing tendency to overplay their cards and wind up with nothing.
Pursuing the profoundly superficial 26d26e

Pursuing the profoundly superficial

Maclean’s: When did you first realize you were funny and could make money out of it? Lebowitz: I don’t know; when I was a young child people just accused me of being fresh, a bratty kid, which is never appreciated in a young child. This is why I failed a lot of things at school including sports and gym.
Human rights aren’t in the contract 3839

Human rights aren’t in the contract

Magpies strutted across the spacious lawns and the chirping of crickets filled the air as Pierre Trudeau sat down inside the quiet splendor of South Korea’s Blue House for talks with President Chun Doo Hwan. In another part of Seoul, a woman broke off her critical analysis of Trudeau’s first visit, closing her eyes as the deafening roar of fighter jets rattled windows in her small living room.
Trying to close the ‘window’ 4243
U. S. A.

Trying to close the ‘window’

Reagan unveils a plan to reduce U.S. vulnerability to Soviet missiles
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