November 23, 1981


A calling to paint the wild


Anxiously toward a rocky future


Budget ’81: The gathering storm

A calling to paint the wild 1213

A calling to paint the wild

A bull elephant looms out of a yellow dust cloud; one tusk is broken and the ancient hide is deeply creased and grooved, like the sides of an extinct volcano. It is a study in primeval majesty. Two moulting gentoo penguins shelter in a grisly wreckage of whalebones, as if in the ruins of a marble cathedral.
Anxiously toward a rocky future 2223

Anxiously toward a rocky future

Slipping over the “garlic wall” is a little simpler than breaching the Iron Curtain — and a good deal more pleasant. From a port on Spain’s southern coast it is possible to hitch a lift by yacht to the only remaining colony in Europe. “Don’t worry,” says the craft’s skipper as his boat skims over the silk-smooth Mediterranean, “the Spanish navy doesn’t usually bother us.
Budget ’81: The gathering storm 3435

Budget ’81: The gathering storm

For many Canadians there was a certain undeniable appeal to Allan MacEachen’s budget last week. It was the joy of seeing the rich lose some of their tax loopholes, coupled with a measure of relief for most taxpayers. But throughout the budget documents ran the ominous warning that the economy will worsen before it improves.
Fighting decay in a once-great party 28b28c

Fighting decay in a once-great party

The Alberta Social Credit party is making a valiant effort to rebuild before it is too late


The house lights dimmed, a voice came through the darkness, the spotlight shone and there was Mimi Hines glittering in a white dress and floor-length fur coat. Toronto Sun critic Wilder Penfield III turned his chair for a better look just as the tiny show business veteran flew by on her opening night at the Royal York Hotel’s Imperial Room last week.


RECORD SET: Hiraoki Aoki, 43, of Japan, Ben Abruzzo, 51, Larry Newman, 34, and Ron Clarke, 41, of Albuquerque, N.M., set a new distance record for balloon travel. The foursome left Nagashima, Japan, early last week in their 27-storey-high helium balloon, Double Eagle V. Cruising at 4,700 m and 130 km-h, they landed in the mountains 160 km north of San Francisco, Calif., four days later, after covering more than 8,500 km.
Europe’s growing nuclear revolt 4243

Europe’s growing nuclear revolt

It might have been dismissed as just another case where the star blew his lines if it hadn’t appeared so deliberate a rerun. Positioned squarely before the TV lights and the massed Washington press corps last week, President Ronald Reagan repeated the performance that less than a month earlier had sent shock waves across the Atlantic.
The rebel and the righteous 28j29

The rebel and the righteous

In their infinite pragmatism, Quebeckers seem to have found more interesting the revelation that enterprising staff of the national assembly may have made pornographic films in the vaunted Salon bleu than Premier René Lévesque’s depiction of provincial rights being stripped away by the maudite “English-speaking technocracy” of Ottawa.
Birth of a parental benefit 52f53

Birth of a parental benefit

In the past, pregnancy often cost a woman her job. Although women worked during and after the Second World War, many employers still expected pregnant workers to quit their jobs and stay at home. Not until 1978 did women in all provinces except Prince Edward Island have their positions legally protected—albeit without pay—while they took time off to have babies.
No new shoes, no new ideas 52T5

No new shoes, no new ideas

He rose in the House of Commons, the centrepiece attraction in Ottawa, the world’s largest theme park. Allan MacEachen, the bagman from the Age of Aquarius, pointed his proud face toward the opposition benches, his nose like a ship’s prow, hair swept back as if he were sailing right through dire straits.
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