December 14, 1981

Under wraps: precious paper presents 5859

Under wraps: precious paper presents

In a year when the kids are more likely to find their Christmas stockings stuffed with Dad’s mortgage renewal notices than assorted goodies, the only reasonable way to make up for that cancelled trip to Bimini may be a luxury cruise through the archipelago of Christmas gift books.
Fighting feudalism in the fishery 1011

Fighting feudalism in the fishery

Against the Burin Peninsula moonscape, the town of Grand Bank is as close as pastels can come to a riot of color. The neat clapboard houses in their cheerful blues and yellows give a false sense of peace and prosperity in what has traditionally been one of Newfoundland’s most affluent fishing towns.
An act of pride 2627

An act of pride

It was the best of times. It was the worst of climes. For better and for worse, the deed was done at 4:40 p.m. (EST), Dec. 2. In the Commons the blend of official tongues in a rousing rendering of O Canada heralded the de facto declaration of the nation’s independence.
A storm over claims for refuge 5051

A storm over claims for refuge

Replete with weighty furniture, flourishing plants, two dogs and a cat snoozing immovably on the sofa, the suburban Toronto living room reveals a determination to put down roots. The apartment is home to Ricardo Galleguillos, 25, and his pregnant Québécoise wife, Patricia—but not for long.
The beast creeps up on the beauty 1819

The beast creeps up on the beauty

Americans burnish giltedged dreams of Connecticut, the promised land where executives in grey flannel suits and monogrammed attaché cases are met at the railway station by slim, blond women in tennis dresses; where a dip in the family pool and a double martini before dinner are as integral a part of life as docksider moccasins, au-pair girls and the elegant coolness that high-WASP upbringing imparts.
Busy Barbara 4647

Busy Barbara

Its political objections notwithstanding, Quebec came within a fillup of hosting the hand-lettered preamble to the new constitution before it was handed to Queen Elizabeth. Government graphic designer Les Ames, 31, decided last Friday night he would take his historic handiwork across the Ottawa River to his home in rural Wakefield to make sure the Gothic lettering linked properly.
Upset over upset 45

Upset over upset

It is obvious that former premier Sterling Lyon viewed the voting public of Manitoba with extreme cynicism, especially in the last days of the campaign (Upset in Manitoba, Cover, Nov. 30). Many people recognize that Canadians must return to a more realistic lifestyle based on living within our means, but whenever a government tries to lead us down this path we quickly label it “conservative” and throw it out.
Young stereotypes die hard 89

Young stereotypes die hard

I don’t believe in a generation gap, but I do believe I am being ignored. I am a resource that is as important as oil and as precious as gold, but as neglected as a littered park. The English language cannot satisfactorily name me: because I’m over 18, I’m legally an adult, but society does not accept me as an adult until I am married and/or in the work force.
Conscience and the Gang of 24 2829

Conscience and the Gang of 24

When he voted against his own party’s constitution last week, Louis Duclos warned that Quebeckers “have lost this war through attrition.” Then, he declared that “Quebeckers are so bored with all these talks about the constitution that they are ready to let us do whatever we feel like doing.”
Closing the door on René Lévesque 3233

Closing the door on René Lévesque

Provincial flags flew at half-staff over government buildings throughout Quebec last week, ostensibly to mark constitutional defeat at the hands of English Canada. It was a sad gimmick of Premier René Lévesque and his governing Parti Québécois in their attempt to save face after the debacle that caused the province to lose its traditionally recognized right of veto over constitutional change.
Where are the women in the House? 7273

Where are the women in the House?

A female friend once explained a source of quiet rage that would surprise most Canadian males— who go through their three score and ten in a cocoon of contentment. It was, she said, sitting before the idiot box each night at 11 as her husband watched The National with its nightly clips from the House of Commons and seeing a sea of grey and blue suits.
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