February 22, 1982



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Painfully rattling old French skeletons




The brilliant Alberta morning pours in behind the trio of young men entering the Northlands Coliseum. Two of them, wearing timber wolf coats, are obviously well-to-do, their gait and bulk labelling them as athletes. They dwarf their blond companion, who in a short leather jacket appears to be tagging along to watch a practice.
Painfully rattling old French skeletons 1417
Q & A

Painfully rattling old French skeletons

Until 1942, the southern half of France remained unoccupied by German troops following the fall of France in 1940. Led by First World War hero Marshal Philippe Pétain, the Vichy government, during its four-year life, aided in the Nazi extermination of French and foreign Jews.


Singer-actress Dinah Christie is leaving her 100-acre farm near Mount Forest, Ont., to test her talents in Los Angeles. And while the natives there fight lethargy (“It’s not the drugs, it’s the air; there is no oxygen”), she will do her damnedest to make her new TV series go.
All the world belongs on stage 6061

All the world belongs on stage

Born of Shakespeare and nourished on the premise that Prospero’s island is the beloved Rock, The Newfoundland Tempest is currently taking the province by storm. With islanders playing most of the roles, their inimitable musical accents accompanying the haunting, rhythmic melodies of the popular local folk group Figgy Duff, Tempest embodies the characteristic blend of words and music that continues to define much of theatre in the Atlantic provinces.
Trudeau’s restless Liberals 20b21

Trudeau’s restless Liberals

When the wine corks pop at the Liberal government’s second anniversary celebration this week, the Ten Black Sheep are ready to sport red carnations, munch cheese and obediently toast the joy of reigning. All that will be much in contrast with their behavior last week, when the eight east-end Montreal MPs and two cabinet ministers, Monique Bégin and Serge Joyal, triggered an unintended furore with their public pitch for more jobs for young workers and the construction industry.
A budget of little allure 2829

A budget of little allure

Had Ronald Reagan been searching for a quick demonstration of the principles of spontaneous combustion, he could have found no better specimen than his own 1983 budget. Sent up to Congress last week, the document imploded even before it reached Capitol Hill.


Congratulations on your cover story celebrating Canada’s confident new entrepreneurs (High Tech’s New Stars, Feb. 8). You are right! We need many more creative businessmen like Mitel’s Cowpland and Matthews. It is they, not unions or governments, who will create new wealth.
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you’ve been picked out. But I’m not special. I’m saying now what I’ve been saying all my life. Suddenly everybody’s listening.” One listener was Dr. Colin Murray Parkes, psychiatric consultant at St. Christopher’s Hospice in London, England, the first modern medical facility devoted to the care of the terminally ill, and the man who, with difficulty, convinced Cameron to write her book.
Playing to bring the world down 89

Playing to bring the world down

The chief effect of many impassioned debates is to postpone asking the one basic question that would reveal the entire argument to be absurd. In olden times theological scholars squabbled about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.
At last, ‘The Crow must go’ 2223

At last, ‘The Crow must go’

Urban-dwelling Canadians, particularly in the East, were predictably surprised that a mere proposal for a change in freight rates could create such an uproar. But the evidence was recorded in mounting decibels last week, everywhere from the rarefied rafters of the House of Commons to the dust-laden caverns of prairie grain elevators.
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