April 19, 1982

Britain’s call to war 3031

Britain’s call to war

It was a week awash in memory and anachronism. In Britain, handkerchiefs fluttered and men huzzahed as a mighty royal armada set sail from Portsmouth. Its mission was to defend a tiny splinter of Empire that few of the well-wishers on the salt-splashed pier had heard of before last week.
America the censurable 22d22e

America the censurable

Maclean’s: You argue that, in addition to a revival of the Cold War in recent months, there has been a new and different quality that the Reagan administration has added. Chomsky: Well, there’s been a gradual move toward the revival of the Cold War confrontation from the early ’70s, and I think the reason is that the Cold War confrontation is highly functional for the U.S., and in fact for the Soviet Union too.
The return of a roving virtuoso 1415

The return of a roving virtuoso

There is a sparsity of detail about the room. A sense of having been thrown together for an interlude. The plain furniture is reminiscent of long waits in a doctor’s office; the blank walls offer no clue. The music stand sits empty of Bach or Bartók, and a violin is nowhere to be seen.
Treating the unborn child as a patient 46h47

Treating the unborn child as a patient

"They told me the baby would probably die before he was born. So I did it because I wanted to have him,” says 20-year-old Doreen Shuya of Winnipeg. “So far, Matthew’s doing great. To me he’s just as normal as my other two kids.” While Matthew Shuya may seem just a normal baby to his mother, obstetricians and pediatric surgeons in several North American centres think him a special child indeed.
On the gilded path to sainthood 1011

On the gilded path to sainthood

Perched on a marble column, a pickled human organ looking much like a piece of calf’s liver floats in a formaldehyde solution. It is the heart of Brother André, a Quebec religious figure who founded St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal and is credited with performing hundreds of miracles there.


The guru’s gospel Congratulations for even daring to mention that some intelligent people disagree with “the master” (The Gospel According to Frye, Cover, April 5). It always bothered me that Frye attracted a group of uncritical disciples, and my guess is that this is not what he has wanted either.
For the sake of experimenting 6667

For the sake of experimenting

The sellout attraction at last year’s Toronto Theatre Festival was John Krizanc’s exotic Tamara. This exclusive theatrical event—attendance was limited to 50 a night-split up its audience and sent them chasing the cast through the rooms of a stately mansion.
Poland’s rising tide of conformity 3839

Poland’s rising tide of conformity

The warning was unmistakable. As the clock nudged 10:15 p.m. in an intimate and exclusive Warsaw restaurant, the lights suddenly flashed on like floodlights on a film set, and uniformed waiters fanned out to each table to present bills. Nobody needed to be told why it was advisable to pay up and leave at the signal.
Hewers of funk, drawers of glamor 6263

Hewers of funk, drawers of glamor

In the soft, subterranean half-light of a recording studio in Montreal’s east end, Quebec’s hottest young recording star stood at the control room door, cheerily greeting critics, pop journalists and industry observers. Diane Tell, 24 years old, decked out in mauve leather pants and a jean jacket with padded shoulders, was taking care of business—the launching of her fourth and latest album, Chimères.
A blitz of shocking ads 5253

A blitz of shocking ads

Although advertisers have long depended on gentle persuasion to sell messages, the wise consumer now braces himself for commercial breaks. A growing movement to stir complacent audiences has brought disturbing images to the screen which was once home to an upbeat world of milkand-cereal commercials.
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