May 3, 1982

The economy in crisis 3233

The economy in crisis

The only limit seemed to be the sky above the 49th parallel when the Royal Commission on Canada’s Economic Prospects issued its landmark report 25 years ago. Gazing bright-eyed ahead to 1982, the commission told Canadians that they had “every reason to look forward with optimism and confidence to continued economic development and to a rising standard of living.”
The fishery that doesn’t float 4243

The fishery that doesn’t float

The same story echoes through hundreds of small fishing communities at the edge of the Atlantic provinces. “Right now, things are pretty desperate. The only thing that pulled us through last year was a halfdecent lobster season in the fall,” says Joe Richman, a 34-year-old fisherman from Little Harbor, a hamlet tucked away in one of the innumerable narrow bays of southern Nova Scotia’s Shelburne County.
A golden goose that won’t be cooked 89

A golden goose that won’t be cooked

Often improbable, always dramatic, Hong Kong appears out of a southern Chinese hinterland of barren, mist-teased mountains. Over a harbor strewn with junks, freighters and an occasional warship, over the noisiest, most overbuilt, heavily peopled square miles on earth, the aircraft’s descent continues toward the next surprise—one of commercial aviation’s hairiest right turns.
Battle stations in the South Atlantic 2223

Battle stations in the South Atlantic

In Washington last week, British Foreign Secretary Francis Pym declared that his country’s fleet in the South Atlantic is now fully prepared for outright war to regain control of the disputed Falkland Islands. In Buenos Aires, Argentine President Leopoldo Galtieri shot back that his troops are more able than ever to hold the islands, whatever the costs.
The world behind prison walls 1616a

The world behind prison walls

In his 26 years as a prison psychiatrist, Dr. George D. Scott has worked with every type of criminal from schizophrenic killers to petty break-and-enter artists. His experiences in Kingston area prisons, chiefly Kingston Penitentiary, have led him to some controversial conclusions about how offenders should be dealt with in our society.
Portrait of the artist as a passionate monk 1415

Portrait of the artist as a passionate monk

One morning six years ago, Ivan Eyre was walking along Trappiste Street near his home in the picturesque countryside south of Winnipeg. In those days, a monastery stood close by. “There was a monk working in the field,” Eyre recalls, sitting in a paint-spattered chair in his spacious studio.
The secrets of the Ocean Ranger T217

The secrets of the Ocean Ranger

"You know, the boys didn’t have a chance,” the witness said. If the inquiry into the sinking of the Ocean Ranger came up with one agreement in its first week, it was over those simple words. They were spoken by Bruce Porter, a control-room operator whose hitch on the gigantic oil rig ended three days before the tragedy.
The fine lines in a far-flung land 2021

The fine lines in a far-flung land

As unrelenting as the winds that blast across the barren, snowswept arctic tundra, change is rapidly advancing on northern Canada, dramatically altering its face and its future. In Pangnirtung, an Inuit community of 900 nestled at the base of the majestic glaciated mountains on the eastern shores of Baffin Island, a young Inuit girl dressed in designer jeans and traditional beaver-tail shaped amautik, strolled hand-in-hand with her husband last week, while hot-rodding snowmobilers roared past.
A strike back for the Empire 67

A strike back for the Empire

In the midst of all the clamor and clang of the uneasy constitution repatriation, I’m not surprised that we missed the gentle sigh of Englishness passing out of our lives. Not Empire, long gone,but that elegant, irrational, stubbornly brave and essentially optimistic collection of oddities that is our uniquely British heritage.
New threats to an elusive peace 2425

New threats to an elusive peace

It was supposed to have represented the full flowering of the 1977 Camp David Accord. Runners bearing torches were to have convened ceremoniously in the southern Sinai town of Sharm el-Sheikh, as Egyptian and Israeli leaders met, embraced and spoke of a new era of Middle Eastern peace and stability.
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