May 10, 1982

The Battle for the Falklands 4041

The Battle for the Falklands

For nearly a month the tension in creased notch by notch as diplomats argued and the British armada plowed relentlessly through the distant South Atlantic toward the barren Falkiand Islands-and the thick of the storm. After a short, virtually bloodless passage of arms on South Georgia, London and Buenos Aires spent most of last week in an increasingly bellicose exchange of threats over Argentina's occupation of the islands on April 2.
Futuristic playthings go to work 5051

Futuristic playthings go to work

When desk-top computers appeared commercially in the late ’70s, enthusiasts predicted there would be one in every home. But consumers decided they didn’t need to pay the price of a small car to keep electronic files of their phone bills and recipes.
A maverick of medical research 1819

A maverick of medical research

The door to Dr. David Horrobin’s Montreal apartment doesn’t open easily, but the hospitality of the host is not to blame. He quickly pushes aside an armchair wedged against the door by an army of filing cabinets frothing at the drawers with scientific papers of every description.
Alsands: the demise of a mega-project 34h35

Alsands: the demise of a mega-project

After the thousands of published words and the miles of television film spent on Alsands, the announcement of the death of Alberta’s planned third tar sands plant took only 30 minutes. Spotlighted yet again by the glare of TV lights, J.E. (Ed) Czaja, president of Alsands Energy Ltd., said last week that “everything possible” had been done to save the $13.5-billion project, but even last-ditch efforts by two levels of government hadn’t been enough to convince the remaining private members of the consortium that the 137,000-barrel-a-day plant should proceed.
More patriation 45

More patriation

For a Rebirth of a Nation, as you call your cover story in the April 26 issue, it is not enough simply to patriate the Constitution from the British. We must also patriate the economy from the Liberals so that the next budget can be accomplished in less time than the constitutional agreement.
Three tales from the land of black and white 5859

Three tales from the land of black and white

AH, BUT YOUR LAND IS BEAUTIFUL by Alan Paton A CHAIN OF VOICES by André Brink WAITING FOR THE BARBARIANS by J.M. Coetzee Books, $3.95, paperback)
Western voters: the spreading revolt 22b23

Western voters: the spreading revolt

A seething undercurrent of anger is flowing throughout Western Canada. It is primed by a recession-ravaged national economy and fanned, particularly in some regions, by the belief that the West would be prospering were it not for the dominance, interference and mismanagement of central Canada.
A government fallen out of step 2425

A government fallen out of step

The scene was a Grade 6 classroom. The event was a foreshadowing of the most staggering electoral upset in Saskatchewan political history. Three days before last week’s election, with Allan Blakeney’s 11-year-old NDP government caught in a desperate struggle to fend off a challenge from the Grant Devine-led Progressive Conservatives, Vern Unrau decided it was time to consult his 30 Grade 6 students at Regina’s Henry Janzen elementary school.
Warming up the melting pot 1011

Warming up the melting pot

We live next door to the first or second—depending on whose view you take—most powerful nation in the world, a nation mired in its own mythology of manifest destiny and pursuit of happiness, and we watch its painful traumas and social diseases of the body politic with the fascination of a maiden aunt reading about the latest S and M case.
Secret plots to control the seas 2829

Secret plots to control the seas

By the time it closed last week, the Sea-Law conference at the United Nations had become a melodrama rivalling anything playing on Broadway. It carried a plot twisted by deception and double cross, and the cast of characters included the old and cunning Soviet delegate, Semyon Kozyrev; Ronald Reagan’s ambassador, James Malone, in the villain’s role; and Canadian Ambassador Alan Beesley, with the patience of a scholar, the conviction of a priest and a pirate’s eye for tactical advantage.
An isle buffeted by hot and cold American winds 1213

An isle buffeted by hot and cold American winds

On the Condado, San Juan’s main tourist strip, where gaudy hotels and casinos crowd along palmfringed, half-moon bays that open onto a glassy, Jell-O-green ocean, it’s business as usual. The beaches are blanketed with fun-and-sun-seeking New Yorkers who fly down on the $84 night special.
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