May 17, 1982

The exploding crisis in medicare 4647

The exploding crisis in medicare

With his vigorous pitch for free enterprise, Alex McPherson sounds like a rancher or an oil baron. In fact, he is a doctor, head of the Alberta Medical Association, and his tough talk amounts to nothing less than an assault on Canada’s medicare system.
The steep price of honor in a high-tech war 1415

The steep price of honor in a high-tech war

The balding captain of HMS Sheffield only had time to deliver the order “take cover” before the unforeseen threat struck. Within seconds, a lethal five-metre Argentine missilefired from an invisible aircraft almost 40 km away and skimming just over the waves—struck amidships, shearing through the gun-metal-grey nerve centre.
A vital voice in Quebec 1212a

A vital voice in Quebec

In Montreal, a steady flight of anglophones has opened up many oncehomogenous neighborhoods to cultural mixing. But in the traditionally anglophone enclaves of the city’s west end, there are still streets where the barrier of language seems as solid as the Berlin Wall.
A convenient slip of the tongue 3031

A convenient slip of the tongue

Even in normal times Montreal’s modern courthouse is a crossroads of human contradiction: sallow-cheeked welfare mothers on shoplifting charges mingle with expensively tanned lawyers; police and criminals become virtually indistinguishable in their best courtroom double-knits; and obviously impenitent prostitutes glance sardonically at just-married brides in girlish frocks.


In his May 3 Editorial, A Sensible Prescription for Our Self-Inflicted Economic Wounds, Peter C. Newman writes, . . the central bank continues to behave as if the exhausted Keynesian theories still applied.” Good Galbraith! That’s like claiming that Ronald Reagan’s faith in Marxism is unshaken.
The uncertain perils in a dictator’s track T2T3

The uncertain perils in a dictator’s track

The mighty armada counted but two boats while the invasion force it prepared to hurl at the enemy’s throat numbered all of 16 mercenaries who looked as if they’d be more at home fishing than storming a beachhead. In fact, fishing was what the sorry group of mercenaries was pretending to do when the U.S. Coast Guard cutters drew alongside their boats off the Florida shore in mid-March.
An industrial space race 56b56c

An industrial space race

Huddled in corporate research laboratories worldwide sit groups of visionaries plotting a course toward the ultimate frontier. They seek to commercialize space, harnessing its gravity-free environment to make a variety of lucrative new products—from faster semiconductors to a potential cure for diabetes.
The new perils for the fourth estate 5253

The new perils for the fourth estate

Journalists have traditionally waded into the world’s trouble spots confident that they would be accorded much the same special immunity enjoyed by diplomats. Not any longer. Amid the crumbling international etiquette of war and revolution, members of the media often end up as targets of the regimes they cover.
New wrinkle in the war of words 89

New wrinkle in the war of words

The creators of our new Charter of Rights may feel satisfied with the final product, but the new bill may create an open season for the press to take a broad, nasty run at our politicians. Some critics say the charter will change everything, others say it will be meaningless, but it does have one important theme that may well open the floodgates to change.
A hero waits to come home 6869

A hero waits to come home

It is after midnight on Manhattan’s elegant Park Avenue, and the doors to Regine’s, the playpen for the glitterati, part to admit Ken Taylor and his group of friends. Ladies encased in protesting silk trousers bounce and do knee bends on the glass dance floor as the lights underneath blink in time to the beat.
Quebec’s week of tumult and backlash 3031

Quebec’s week of tumult and backlash

Montreal highschool students battled police in the streets during protests over plans to raise exam pass levels to 60 per cent from 50. At the same time, the Common Front, representing 300,000 public employees, ignored government pleas for a wage freeze.
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