May 24, 1982

Ottawa’s power brokers 2021

Ottawa’s power brokers

These were no ordinary birds, summoned from some obscure perch for a dreary mission. They were the most rarefied of Ottawa’s breed, and this was the glorious morning for Canada’s new Constitution on Parliament Hill. The Queen and three politicians, of course, symbolically inked their signatures on parchment, but it took three exalted deputy ministers to do the chores at the centre of the stage—one to read the proclamation in both official languages and two to hold it down for signing in the wind.
Clark’s chance to fight another day 8d9

Clark’s chance to fight another day

It was officially billed as a dynamic discussion of Canadian conservative theory—and unofficially targeted as the site of another mutiny against beleaguered Tory Leader Joe Clark. For weeks before last weekend’s policy conference in Toronto, Conservative dissidents hatched secret strategies to force Clark to call a leadership convention at the policy debate.
A tricky proposition for the mayors 4647

A tricky proposition for the mayors

It is early evening outside Palliser Square on down-town Calgary’s 9th Avenue. A young woman—pretty, well dressed and well groomed—lounges against a lamppost in a parody of Irma La Douce. With the inviting gaze of someone new to the streets, she asks a passer-by if he wants to take her out.
The Falklands’ final countdown 3031

The Falklands’ final countdown

Jane O’Hara
The new stage rites of spring 5253

The new stage rites of spring

Heralding a new rite of spring, the red-and-white-striped tents pop up like mushrooms beside Vancouver’s False Creek. Inside, youngsters and their parents watch a musical about a man’s love for an antelope, cooking lessons from a celebrity chef and a clown serenade his pet chicken.
Physician heal thy government 67

Physician heal thy government

I love the practice of family medicine and, on the whole, it has been most fulfilling. For this reason I do not mind the long hours and the demands made on me by my practice. But what frustrates me is the fact that we doctors are constantly rebuked for our rapacious greed and quest for six-figure incomes.
Bureaucracy at work 2627

Bureaucracy at work

When aloof Mackenzie King was prime minister, he excluded bureaucrats from cabinet meetings and banned note-taking. In order to get the marching orders for the civil service, cabinet official Arnold Heeney entered the room after cabinet and emptied both sides of a deep, partitioned box.
Healing separatists’ wounds 1415

Healing separatists’ wounds

Stretching his jaw to alleviate the tension before bursting into a giant grin, Alberta separatist member of the legislative assembly Gordon Kesler was visibly relieved last week after he took the nomination in his home riding of Highwood.
Contenders for Trudeau’s throne 1213

Contenders for Trudeau’s throne

Most Liberals privately confess that Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s abrasive personality has become part of their popularity problem. They also admit that uncertainty over Trudeau’s retirement date has demoralized rank-and-file Liberals and disrupted vital strategic party planning.
Backroom king of the Ottawa jungle 2223

Backroom king of the Ottawa jungle

His influence is described as pervasive, yet after 20 years in government he defies anyone to point to “very many significant decisions on policy that I have made.” People admire his intellect, fear his power and, sometimes, suspect his motives.
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