May 31, 1982

Unions squeezed against the ropes 4647

Unions squeezed against the ropes

With a threeyear-old daughter and a pregnant wife, Brendon McFadyen has every reason to fear being laid off. And that possibility could be fast approaching. After almost five years on the assembly line at General Motors in Oshawa, Ont., McFadyen, who earns $11.75 an hour, may soon find himself out of work as the slump continues in the auto industry.


In all there may have been 30 aircraft screaming in low over the Falkland Sound beachhead. In successive waves they have beaten through the protective British Harrier screen to the west. Now they were once again among the thin-hulled frigates and vulnerable troop and supply ships of the invasion fleet.
A new Queen Nancy ruckus 4445

A new Queen Nancy ruckus

All that glitters has been nothing but a headache for U.S. First Lady Nancy Reagan. It began with the outcry over the $200,000 china. Then it was the designer wardrobe. And now Nancy is discovering that diamonds are a girl’s worst friend. The half a million dollars worth of ice responsible for the latest hubbub was borrowed 16 months ago from Harry Winston, the prestigious New York jewelry firm, for Ronald’s inaugural festivities.
Discovering jazz in the teenage soul 89

Discovering jazz in the teenage soul

A well-polished boot clamped down on the dollar bill that a gust of wind had lifted out of Keith Clark’s battered trumpet case and blown across the sidewalk. Clark, a bearded street musician wearing ripped sneakers and worn denims, didn’t know what to make of the dapper gentleman who dropped the dollar back into his trumpet case.
Sharpening axes for Canagrex 1415

Sharpening axes for Canagrex

Likening Canagrex to a gangrenous limb, critics of the proposed Crown corporation worry that the new marketing agency will infect the entire food and agriculture industry in Canada. Canagrex is designed to increase Canada’s agricultural exports, and although just about everyone agrees with the need for a federal coordinating body that can provide export financing, the powers being granted to Canagrex are so sweeping that opponents fear it will become another PetroCanada—all-pervasive and unstoppable.
The anatomy of innocence 1617

The anatomy of innocence

For Susan Nelles, a public ordeal ended last week much as it had begun, with cameras whirring and clicking and a jostling mass of reporters and open-mouthed spectators nearly engulfing her tiny frame as she strode from a downtown Toronto court building.
The bitter legacy of sour gas 5051

The bitter legacy of sour gas

At first, Sean Carpentier seemed like a normal, healthy baby, thriving on the fresh air and sunshine of the wide open spaces near Pincher Creek, a ranching community in southwestern Alberta. But when he was four months old, Sean developed a mysterious rash.
A conditional decision edged in black T213

A conditional decision edged in black

Not for 23 years had a Newfoundland premier railed so indignantly about federal Canadian intransigence. Back in 1959, Joey Smallwood as good as fingered John Diefenbaker as the antichrist after the crusty Tory prime minister told the Commons that annual $8-million catch-up payments promised Newfoundland under the famous Term 29 of the 1949 Terms of Union would be cut off after 1962.


JAILED: International film star Sophia Loren, 47, for a 1963 $7,000 tax evasion charge, after being convicted in 1980 by an Italian court. Loren, who is serving a 30-day term in the prison of Caserta near her home town of Naples, blames her plight on an error by her tax specialist.
A war for the Kremlin to savor 89

A war for the Kremlin to savor

It was about 30 C when I was in Buenos Aires last December. Outside the Sheraton there was one of those omnipresent signs exhorting citizens to love their prosperous land of Argentina. The message of the sign was undermined somewhat by the need for the parking attendant at the hotel to adjust the parking rates in chalk on a blackboard as the value of the peso fluctuated throughout the day.
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