June 28, 1982

The power and the futility of nuclear weapons 3031

The power and the futility of nuclear weapons

Across the Western World, in worried solitudes and in mass marches, a spirited and popular outcry has arisen against the horrors of the hydrogen bomb. It is a movement that compels notice as much by its individual acts as by its vast numbers.
Capturing the universe in process 89

Capturing the universe in process

Sometimes, when Paterson Ewen finishes a painting, he and his girlfriend, Mary, will lift the huge 135kg piece of plywood off the wooden sawhorses in his studio-cum-living room and prop it up against the wall. From the opposite end of the room, they will sit on the blue velvet sofa and gaze upon a landscape—a dazzling cloudburst over water, or a gigantic, primitive red moon—so powerful that it seems to shatter the tidy boundaries of white walls and shiny wooden floors in their renovated Victorian home.
Israel closes the ring in Beirut 2021

Israel closes the ring in Beirut

In Sidon, on Lebanon’s coast, 200 corpses were found buried beneath the rubble of bombed buildings. In nearby Tyre not a single building remained intact. And by the end of last week, fears of yet further Israeli attacks sent streams of refugees pouring out of besieged West Beirut.


It seems improbable that tiny Geraldine Chaplin was once an elephant trainer. Or that when she broke an arm in a fall off her horse, she was strong enough to shoot a rifle one-handed as Annie Oakley in Robert Altman’s Buffalo Bill and the Indians.
Babes in a fantasyland of peace 89

Babes in a fantasyland of peace

The peace movement is upon us. On weekends the streets and civic squares of our land are filling up with groups of pacifists, intellectuals, churchmen and the naïve. They cry out for peace—as if any sane person were against it. In April two Scarborough, Ont., mothers made the newspapers as they dragged their children off on a 960-km walk to New York City to take part in a great rally that marked the beginning of this month’s United Nations Special Session on Disarmament and also marked the return to television of the mantra-like chant “Give peace a chance,” from which we have been happily free since the days of the antiwar protests.
A sacrifice in the name of research 5051

A sacrifice in the name of research

Two aged beagle bitches keep each other company. Both wear partial body casts that press their right front paws to their undersides. The animals, unused to walking on three legs, limp toward their visitors, tails hesitantly wagging. They are among the first animals to arrive at the research labs in the University of Ottawa’s new Science and Medicine building.
Reading for sleeping-bag adventurers 5657

Reading for sleeping-bag adventurers

For those who have just escaped the confines of the classroom and the nightly homework routine, summer reading can be about as popular as blackflies. Only the most ambitious adventure stories are likely to rival the visceral pleasures of camping and sailing.
Black humor to launch a new campaign 1415

Black humor to launch a new campaign

The grim joke in Ottawa last week was that the way to start a small business is to buy a big business —and wait. That black humor now epitomizes the dour Liberal mood as the cabinet enters a final debate over the government’s soon-to-be-announced economic recovery strategy.
Picking up the broken pieces 2223

Picking up the broken pieces

The tone was familiar—and uncompromising. In a defiant note to the UN Security Council last week, Argentina said hostilities in the Falkland Islands will end only when Britain withdraws its forces. Even then, the message added, the dispute over the islands’ future must be resolved through negotiations in a UN framework.
An abrupt economic reversal 4445

An abrupt economic reversal

Former president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing denounced it as a “shocking” blow to the country’s international prestige, and neo-Gaullist Opposition Leader Jacques Chirac lamented bitterly that France had become the “new sick man of Europe.”
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