July 12, 1982

New fear and anger in a ‘six-per-cent society’ 1415

New fear and anger in a ‘six-per-cent society’

The man Canadians love to hate stalked implacably out of the House of Commons visitors’ gallery on budget night June 28 and declared war on the government of Canada. Jean-Claude Parrot of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers had just heard Finance Minister Allan MacEachen announce that the government had torn up the contracts of 500,000 public servants and Crown corporation employees.
A long-sought compromise on the Crow T29

A long-sought compromise on the Crow

The songwriter may indeed have been correct. After decades of debate over the Crowsnest Pass freight rates—under which grain farmers can ship their crops at a cost level established in the last century —federal negotiator Clay Gilson has forged a compromise acceptable to most of the West’s previously feuding farm groups.
A summer celebration of folk music 5253

A summer celebration of folk music

Stan Rogers could be forgiven for any confusion he might have felt about what year or even what decade it was. Looking out over the crowd at the newly reborn Mariposa Folk Festival in Toronto two weeks ago, the stocky, balding singer could easily have been stuck in the middle of 1972 with no hope of escape.
Who cares? 45

Who cares?

Regarding your six-page cover story in the July 5 issue, A Prince is Born, telling us all about the newest member in Britain’s Royal Family, I have two words to say: who cares? —BRUCE GATES, Toronto Ridiculous! In a week that included the resignation of the American secretary of state, thus causing the biggest foreign policy crisis yet for the Reagan administration, and the continuation of the worst Middle East battle in a decade, what event do you feature on your cover?
Troubled signals from an ailing public TV 4243

Troubled signals from an ailing public TV

For most people the only good thing about television’s annual rite of summer reruns is the opportunity they afford to catch up on the past season’s best shows. Many of these appear on local affiliates of the U.S. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) which, since 1969, has been a small oasis in the vast wasteland of commercial television, winning the fierce loyalty of Canadian viewers and subscribers.
Retiring age-old stereotypes 8T1

Retiring age-old stereotypes

The old folks are getting out of hand. They are becoming not only politically demanding but socially assertive. They are learning a fact of life about our society: don’t just ask, in the expectation that if your cause is just you shall receive, but take, and worry about the consequences later.
MacEachen buys time but maybe not for himself 2021

MacEachen buys time but maybe not for himself

It was billed as his hour of political redemption. And Allan MacEachen appropriately pinned a red rose onto his banker’s blue lapel last week to read his new budget into the Commons record with a grim, artistic pride. In the end, the recitation pleased most of the Liberals but satisfied none of them— including the beleaguered MacEachen —because it was probably the first modern Canadian budget crafted not by the finance minister and his officials but by a powerful cabinet committee in consultation with the full cabinet and the Liberal caucus.
A challenge to controlled drinking 4041

A challenge to controlled drinking

Ever since British researcher D.L. Davies reported in the early 1960s that some alcoholics who break their addiction can eventually become controlled moderate drinkers, the prospect has engendered hope in alcoholics and scientists alike.
Closing the ring of steel 2223

Closing the ring of steel

After a week of tense negotiations, an outline for avoiding an Israeli onslaught into Beirut appeared to be emerging late last week. The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) seemed to be prepared to evacuate its guerrillas from the besieged Lebanese capital if it can maintain a diplomatic office in the city.
Derailing the labor unions 3031

Derailing the labor unions

The cartoon in The Sunday Times neatly summed up the situation. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, dressed in paratroop beret and combat jacket, was shown declaiming in Churchillian style: “We shall fight on the platforms, we shall fight down the pits and in the wards.”
Matching old stories to new stages 4647

Matching old stories to new stages

Stage design has played a prominent role in the success—and failure—of productions at both the Shaw and Stratford festivals this season. After an awkward debut last year, Shaw’s restructured Court House Theatre is now hosting two productions custom-tailored to its eccentric combination of thrust stage and proscenium arch.
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