July 19, 1982


Special effects: the brightest new stars


No blood—but more sweat and tears



Special effects: the brightest new stars 4041

Special effects: the brightest new stars

The tale is an ancient onegood battling evil—but told in the language of tomorrow. The hero, a computer whiz named Flynn (Jeff Bridges), searching for a stolen program, is whisked via laser beam inside a computer. The villain—motivated by the age-old lust for power—is actually a computer program, Master Computer Program (MCP), who controls a world of hardware that shines with a futuristic gleam.
No blood—but more sweat and tears 89

No blood—but more sweat and tears

Gerald Bouey used to keep framed on the walls of the Bank of Canada’s executive dining room the million-mark bank notes Germans needed to buy a loaf of bread during the hyperinflation days of the 1920s. Last week the governor could have been forgiven for pausing over his soup to reflect on the disasters an inflation-prone country can get itself into.


At 33, songstress Susan Jacks is doing her best to spice up her girlnext-door image. And if the tunes on her new solo album, Forever, sound a trifle tame, they are still a shrill cry when compared with the Poppy Family product she and ex-husband Terry Jacks turned out a decade ago.
Saving the world 45

Saving the world

Time is running out fast. In the words of Jonathan Schell, author of The Fate of the Earth, “The choices... consist now of peace, on the one hand, and annihilation on the other.” It is with that sense of urgency that the nuclear disarmament movement (The Global Peace Crusade, Cover, June 28), which has now hit with such dramatic impact upon North American shores, will demonstrate and demonstrate again in order to save the world from nuclear homicide.
Assaults on multiple sclerosis 3233

Assaults on multiple sclerosis

Four months after Karen Tonner’s wedding day, some bizarre things started happening. First she noticed she could not navigate stairs as well as she used to, and often she stumbled and fell for no reason. Then her vision began to blur. Glasses seemed to drop out of her hand, and when she stopped to pick up the shards she would cut her fingers.
Offices in the bedrooms of the nation 3637

Offices in the bedrooms of the nation

Kent Harding, chairman of H. Harding and Son Ltd. and employer of nearly 200 factory and office workers, will soon be running his Markham, Ont., manufacturing empire from a room that, at the moment, looks and smells more like a kennel than an executive office.
The chaotic search for a solution 1415

The chaotic search for a solution

The long, slow Israeli squeeze on the PLO stronghold of West Beirut almost became a stranglehold last week when an Israeli officer walked into the city’s water distribution centre at Ashrafieheh, checked a roll of blueprints and turned off the tap that funnelled life-giving water to the area’s half-million Lebanese and Palestinian residents.
An ‘honorable settlement’ to a war 2425

An ‘honorable settlement’ to a war

For Conrad Black, the Wunderkind of Canadian business, last Friday was time for quiet contentment. In the finely appointed confines of his company’s Toronto headquarters last week, the high-profile financier was assessing the outcome of a three-month war of words and writs that was sparked on April 5 when Norcen Energy Resources Ltd., one of six companies in the Black stable of corporations, had boldly launched a $160-million (U.S.) bid for 51 per cent of Hanna Mining Co. of Cleveland.
Why Inco must be nationalized 67

Why Inco must be nationalized

Inco must be nationalized, and the sooner the better. The need is pressing not because the firm’s management has squandered the immense Canadian wealth of the Sudbury, Ont., and Thompson, Man., ore bodies in ill-advised adventures in Guatemala, Indonesia and the United States.
The nation’s need for weaning 5253

The nation’s need for weaning

The last time, as readers with total recall will remember, I had the opportunity to fill this hallowed space, its resident correspondent, A. Fotheringham, was feigning illness in British Columbia. No longer impaired, Fotheringham has long since returned but has now taken leave for 30 days to write a scholarly treatise entitled Certain Resemblances Among Eastern Shadflies and Liberal Candidates in Western Canada, including a final chapter in the wrap-up of our present national, international and global conditions under the general heading of “Where Did It Go Wrong?”
The lost art of Russia’s avant garde 5051

The lost art of Russia’s avant garde

The art of revolutionary Russia has been doubly forgotten: overlooked in the West in favor of Parisian and German modernism and suppressed at home by the Stalinists who found it decadent. Now, for the first time in the West, the full flowering of that movement can be seen in an exhibition, organized by the Guggenheim Museum in New York City and on display in Ottawa at the National Gallery until September:
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