August 2, 1982




A first for First Nations


The ’20s roar back into style



Randal Kleiser is not being billed as “one of the world’s most successful film directors” for nothing. The 36-year-old University of Southern California film school alumnus was standing behind the cameras when John Travolta electrified the air in Grease and Brooke Shields shed her designer jeans in The Blue Lagoon.
A first for First Nations 1415

A first for First Nations

It was eight days marked by diverse, even confusing, signals. When delegates to the World Assembly of First Nations (WAFN) in Regina last week were not trading accounts of economic and social oppression, they were lining up to see the glamorous floor-length loincloths of international award-winning Indian designer Tim Sikyea from Fort Resolution, N.W.T. While 65 uninvited supporters of the militant American Indian Movement trudged 260 km from Saskatoon in a symbolic March for Survival, others streamed to a casino to try their luck at the blackjack table.
The ’20s roar back into style 3031

The ’20s roar back into style

When Perry Ellis’ lanky models took their first strides down the runway last fall, clad in their new spring best, the fashion groupies crowding the New York showroom breathed a collective gasp. To the strains of the Vangelis sound track for Chariots of Fire, the models paraded in the longest and leanest skirts, sweaters and jackets shown on Seventh Avenue that season.
A new empire in the East 3637

A new empire in the East

"The only good thing about Friday is that it’s close to Monday,” Harry Steele told an aide recently. That sentiment would be an appropriate motto emblazoned on the gleaming, aluminum-sided Eastern Provincial Airways hangar at Gander International Airport.
Still tall in the saddle and eager to ride 1011

Still tall in the saddle and eager to ride

Premier Peter Lougheed of Alberta, along with the nine other provincial premiers, met with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in Ottawa following the tabling of the June 28 federal budget. Lougheed emerged from this meeting resigned to accept the fact that there is a deep ideological rift between the federal government and the provinces.
The return of the farmers’ markets 4445

The return of the farmers’ markets

Before the rooster has even thought of crowing, Daniel Gerber’s Saturday begins. At 3:45 a.m. the 22-year-old Mennonite dairy and beef farmer from Crosshill, Ont., rises, along with his wife, Seleda, father-in-law, Cleason Sauder, and several farmhands.
A lifeline for a sinking ship 89

A lifeline for a sinking ship

Allan MacEachen’s latest budget confirms our worst fears. Canada’s economic performance is the worst of the major industrial nations,' and Ottawa does not know how to lift us out of our depression. The federal government has driven investment dollars out of Canada and, while proud of its flag-waving accomplishment, is bewildered by the predictable economic results.
Divine rights 45

Divine rights

Your July 26 cover story on the PLO (Arafat’s PLO: Rebels With a Cause) does little to aid the search for peace. To one who cares for humanity, the loss of life in war is an unspeakable tragedy. Yet we owe it to ourselves to ask what caused this war and how we may have peace.
Fresh challenges for a young company 5253

Fresh challenges for a young company

"Bitiful" is how Stratford Festival artistic director John Hirsch describes theatre schools in Canada. Faced with a dearth of well-trained classical actors, his solution—thanks to a $200,000 grant from Imperial Oil Ltd.—has been to establish a course himself at Stratford, Ont., headed by voice teacher Kristin Linklater.
Why the trout like Tories 5657

Why the trout like Tories

This week’s thumb-sucker is being composed in the rugged remote of the Labrador Trough, from a lodge carved out of the woods and built on a site surrounded entirely by fishing holes, accessible only by floatplane. True to the genre of such habitations, the facilities are replete but austere.
Left-handers are not all gauche 4647

Left-handers are not all gauche

In medieval Europe they were often branded as witches. In China, India and Arab countries they have been banned from the dinner table. Indeed, notorious individuals such as Billy the Kid, the Boston Strangler and Jack the Ripper—all left-handers—have had a rough time of it.
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