August 9, 1982

The mind joggers: a race to keep up 3031

The mind joggers: a race to keep up

Every summer Colleen Wright, 33, her husband, Wayne, and son, Kirt, 11, pack up the tent trailer with fishing equipment, trail bikes and a kayak for two weeks in the bush. But this year Colleen cleared a space amid the camping gear for a box of books—everything she needed for her Canadian History 225 home-study class at Edmonton’s Athabasca University.
The little towns and villages that grew 3839

The little towns and villages that grew

Like true pioneers, Anna Redgrave and her husband, Patrick, brought only what was essential on their initial move last fall. The Betamax rode with them in the half-ton pickup, while the wine—several hundred bottles of personal European favorites—trundled behind in a UHaul.
Great expectations at the no-name Open 2829

Great expectations at the no-name Open

Some may have predicted that most of the game’s top names would not appear; few that Jack Nicklaus would fail to qualify for the last two days; most that someone would challenge the leader even if only one in the hunt had ever won a tournament; everyone that the wind would blow; and no one that the eventual winner, even after three consecutive rounds of three under par, would not expect a victory.
The joy (and politics) of sex 1617

The joy (and politics) of sex

For those Ottawans with a taste for broad burlesque, the parliamentary committee studying reforms to Canada’s antiquated sex laws has been mounting what is probably the best show in town for the past three months. When the committee finally lobbed its brand-new, but already dogeared, sexual offences bill into the Commons late last week, many of the 20 MPs involved in the often acrimonious, sometimes hilarious and occasionally serious debate looked as if they desperately wanted to leave town before they hit someone—most likely one of their own parliamentary colleagues.
How to celebrate royally 3637

How to celebrate royally

Crowning their first year of fairy-tale marriage, Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, happily released the first official photos of their baby son, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales, last week. The infant looked decidedly astonished at the camera of great-uncle Lord Snowdon but at the tender age of five weeks seemed hale and hearty.
The blunt art of delaying democracy 1213

The blunt art of delaying democracy

There are times, of course, when the last thing a government wants is a democratic assessment of its performance; times of fearful unemployment and inflation, when the prime minister is unpopular and his future doubtful, when the governing party’s standing in the Gallup poll has sunk far below the Opposition’s.
The grim resort to desert law 1819

The grim resort to desert law

Day and night the ordeal by fire continued. “Doesn’t anyone in the world care? S O S! S O S!” cried Saed Salaam, a Moslem leader in tortured West Beirut, as yet another wave of Israeli Phantom jets pulverized apartment buildings with phosphorous and highexplosive bombs.
A failure to bring history to life 89

A failure to bring history to life

Someone has been stealing our history, and it’s time we got it back. It almost looks like a conspiracy on the part of all governments in Canada and everyone involved in looking after our historic buildings and sites. Somewhere along the way they must have decided that the truth was not good enough and chose, instead, to portray history in a squeaky-clean light.
A confidence crisis over the banks 2425

A confidence crisis over the banks

Few signs of strain show on the face of Alan Hockin, executive vice-president of investments for the Toronto Dominion Bank. Seated in a boardroom in the bank’s headquarters, he is at his avuncular best, articulately brushing aside rumors of impending doom for the banking system and the charges of its critics.
An image change 45

An image change

The cover of July 19 (Special Effects: the Brightest New Stars) was perhaps the second all year that did not contain either some grim image of world affairs or some ironically cheerful image of our Royal Family. Thanks for letting me know that some good things do go on in this world.
Thankful for 6-and-5 miracles 1415

Thankful for 6-and-5 miracles

It was hatched by a depressed and divided cabinet as a modest symbol of federal penny-pinching. But six weeks after the Six-Per-Cent Solution made its debut in the June budget as a proposed ceiling on public service salaries, Liberal strategists have belatedly seized upon it as the miracle cure for the party’s economic and political woes.
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